Morgan Christie: Dating Jon Gosselin For Some Reason!

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Looks like Jon Gosselin is once again spoken for - by Morgan Christie!

A 25-year-old from Greenwich, Conn., and now making her home in California, "She grew up very privileged, tons of money," one People source says of Morgan.

The former Emory University student is the mystery chick Jon reportedly met while skiing in Utah over the holidays. Some of Christie's relatives live in that state.

"Jon met Morgan over Thanksgiving while snowboarding in Utah. They've been inseparable ever since," said a source. "They talk and text throughout the day."

High Rollin'

DA KING OF PIMPZ: Jon Gosselin has struck again!

A source adds that Morgan may have played a role, indirectly, in Hailey Glassman's alleged trashing of Jon's NYC apartment - supposedly triggered by his cheating.

Morgan Christie was actually with Jon when he found his apartment ransacked, but they "immediately drove to Pennsylvania" and crashed there after the incident.

Apparently things are going well between the two. Jon is supposedly determined to keep this relationship out of the spotlight. We'll believe that when we see it!

Little else is know about Jon's new piece at this time, but we're sure that will change soon. Follow the jump for a photo of Morgan Christie the Enquirer unearthed:

This is Morgan Christie. That is Jon Gosselin. Run for it, Morgan.

UPDATE, 1/26/2010: This relationship is still in effect, and heating up! The two were spotted in Park City, Utah, flaunting PDAs all over the Sundance Film Festival.

Jon Gosselin is even rumored to be moving in with Morgan Christie soon. Sure enough, the girl's family has big bucks. Like Hailey Glassman's. Dude has a type: Rich.


she looks like she's 10!!!


Jon please stay away from all young women at this time. you have to move back to PA to be near your kids and clear your head and think of your future.A girlfriend will only complicate your life and the decisions you have to make.Find your true friends and your loving family and give yourself at least 6 months to regroup.And TLC give Jon a break...he needs to be able to work to help support his kids.You let Kate do everything and Jon do nothing.She was the one who started the demise of this marriage by her disregard of his feelings and her bossiness and ocd.And she keeps getting more and more Tv and magazine time while Jons hands are tied.Lets hope this family can find happiness in 2010.And posters don't be so nasty about Jon.Sure he made mistakes, so have all of us.The first was letting Kate get away with so much from the beginning!


She has parents? Who were in the same town where she met him - at the same time? I think we need to let this idiot AND HER FAMILY board this crazy train and wait - with popcorn - for the crash to happen. These people will do anything to get their names in print, even do the nasty with the current title holder of "Slimy-est Man Alive".


that photo really creeps me out, he looks so much older than her


yup jodie is right tons of money and what does he need help paying his child support


Jodie hit the nail on the head. "Tons of money." Somebody better get this girlie out of there.


yuk yuk yuk. this man needs to seek professional help. i thought him and haley were SOUL MATES!!! good luck to the new girlfriend!!like someone said previously MAGIC WORDS ARE TONS OF MONEY!!! the guy is a loser and should lose partial custody of his kids until he cleans up his act and acts like a dad!!


whats with him has 8 kids who would date him


I saw the magic words in the article. It was TONS OF MONEY. If she's smart she run for the hills. FAST


LMAO! She looks so proud awww.. lmao That's another little girl.

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