Source: Morgan Christie Dating Jon Gosselin For Publicity, to Rebel Against Her Family

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Jon Gosselin has been accused of dating Morgan Christie because she's loaded. What the 25-year-old sees in him, however, has remained a mystery.

Well, kind of. According to a friend of the Connecticut native, it’s all about the 15 minutes of fame. Wow. You're kidding. Who would have guessed?!

Publicity Hound

“No doubt she’s doing it for publicity. It’s all about getting her picture taken," said the pal. "I mean, there is nothing attractive about Jon Gosselin."

No argument there, pal.

He and Morgan have been parading around Park City, Utah, where the Sundance Film Festival is being held. Here's a shot of the snowy couple ...

"Why would Morgan want to be with an older, overweight man with eight kids?” the friend, a classmate of Morgan's at Emory University, continued.

“In my opinion this is just her way of rebelling against her family. And knowing her family, I’m really surprised that they’re okay with this.”

So are we. Morgan Christie, who has relatives in Utah, met Jon Gosselin while he was vacationing in Park City over Thanksgiving weekend.

The two have reportedly moved in together, or Jon is seriously considering moving to Utah to be nearer to her full time, according to reports.

Morgan is definitely getting her money's worth. But is her new notoriety worth the price - and is there any way this can possibly end well?


AMEN to robyn...been thinking that very same thing for a good while now!....those poor little kids...


you know what he's going to be found dead somewhere from some sort of overdose lol you watch


It sounds like she doesn't care about being considered a bimbo, from here on out. Sara


PR??? What is she, crazy. The only thing you get when you take up with a loser is being branded a loser. This girl is obviously a BIG loser!!!

Vikki lou

I just dont get it!! he's really really UGLY!! These girls must be very desperate for there 5 mins of fame.


She only PR she's getting from hanging with this pathetic loser is that SHE IS DESPERATE OR JUST PLAIN DUMB! Gosselin is toxic to all females..he's a complete failure as a man, a dad, a husband, a provider, and as a decent human being. So what does this say about her when she chooses to live with this idiot????? Wise up Morgan, you are only making yourself look like a scanky ho!

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