MJ Estate to Joe Jackson: Buzz Off!

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Joe Jackson has been trying to position himself for a cut of Michael Jackson's estate ever since his son passed away in June ... and probably long before that.

Well, the executors of Jackson's estate, John McClain and John Branca, does not want to pay Joe the an allowance he feels he deserves. The reason is simple:

Because Michael Jackson would not want to pay him a dime.

After all, the late King of Pop not want his dad to be a beneficiary under his will, and Joe wants to use money for "lavish expenses" rather than maintenance.

Just the same, he's relentlessly battling the estate.

Joe Jackson is seeking $15,000 a month from his late son.

According to legal documents, Jackson's estate says Joe was never legally dependent on Michael Jackson while he was alive and that shouldn't change now.

So-called "maintenance expenses" Joe wants include vacations, air travel, hotels, assistants and legal fees, the executors say. Mmmyeah, not gonna happen.

Joe Jackson says a desired allowance includes cash to "support his children or grandchildren," but Katherine Jackson already does so - at $60,000/month.

Translation: As far as the estate is concerned, Joe can pound sand.


i love watching that old f*^k trying to get his greedy paws on MJs money, i love how the will reads that upon katherines death ALL the money goes back to the kids ( 40%) otherwise it's not unthinkable that the kids would have katherine KILLED under joes command. I just LOOOVE watching him BEG FOR ATTENTION AND MONEY!


hi dad hope this is the right site. love you and miss you. no one better say mean things to you or i will kick their butts.


Michale i love you && your an angel & forever you will be in my heart
i look up to you kindness. Theres not manny of you &
you will be missed alot & to the people that hurt you all this time they should really think that we are all human & we all hurt
hearless people like them make uss weak but what makes uss stronger are all those kids in the world that need our help .and you did your job and we all thank you so much for being there for all those kids ...no more words than your AMAZING. & I LOVE YOU.


The Michael Jackson 1993 information is not for sale and is no longer being offered. Forget it!!


i do believe michael was set up. when dr.murray goes to court i pray and hope mr thomas m.(the lawyer that help in 2005 case ) will be there and bring justice for michael.because the system is all screw up in California.i believe their is another will floating around. the JACKSON keep on fighting for michael the truth will prevail.i do not believe that dr. murray is the only one behind this murder.


The story the public is getting is just like the FBI information, only 1/2 told. When some news source makes a deal, at least you can get what we in Melvin Belli's Las Vegas investigators office got to hear.[my job in film production was at risk before] What I can say it was a set-up, and no the case was not about children. the information was not to go public. I think it was an inside job to get control of the music.[and make MJ a slave] every time I tell this some idiotic people get mad at me! why? work is work and it was not illegal. [I liked MJ's Talent] Get made at insiders that sold Him for the 40 pieces of silver. The Evan Chandler team made it public and about children.


joe has no right to mj money mj has worked hard for his money an if he wanted his dad to have it then it would of been in the will. mj didnt want him to have his money or be around his kids. as far as the rest of the family they need to keep their hands off too unless its in mj will. i think janet is the only one with her hand NOT out. i wouldnt put it pass someone paying that murray to kill mj cuz of his money an that is sad. murray just as guilty an he should pay an so should everyone else who is involved.


All the legal news about Michael's friends, family and partners are impossible to judge, without the "WHO WHAT WHY WERE AND WHEN" answers. I will soon get the 16 year old information [everybody involved kept quite] on the news. Wait and see! if not me one of the others will "GET IT OUT" soon.

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