Miley Cyrus Whines About Fame, Preaches to Parents in Harper's Bazaar

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Gosh darn it, Miley Cyrus. We were just starting to respect you more as an artist and a mature human being.

Over the last few weeks, we've actually given you props for deleting your Twitter account and keeping your relationship with Liam Hemsworth private.

But you've gone ahead and erased all that good will with a series of spoiled, whining quotes in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar. Speaking to the magazine, Miley relays how it felt to fly to Tybee Island and film The Last Song.

"I got on the plane, and I was lying in my mom's lap and crying and saying, 'I'm so happy to be getting out of L.A.,'" she said, adding: "I went out every night with my friends... All this stuff would've been such a big deal in Los Angeles: Who's she with? Why is she dancing?"

That may be true, Miles, but so is this: You'd never have landed a starring role in a movie if not for your life in Los Angeles. So shut up and stop sounding so ungrateful.

Cyrus didn't stop there. She continued to spout one cliche after another regarding the relaxation of life away from the spotlight. Think she'll be saying the same thing the next time she has a CD to sell?

If you can stand it, check out a couple more excerpts of her interview below:

On discovering herself in Georgia: "I felt so alive and real. It's so much easier to know who you are when there aren't a thousand people telling you who they think you are. I felt like I was really figuring myself out."

On life as a role model: "My job isn't to tell your kids how to act or how not to act because I'm still figuring that out for myself. So to take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not. That's just life."

Thank goodness Miley is here to preach that sentiment to parents around the world. What would they do without her?!?


HELLOW! miley is acually RIGHT her job is NOT to tell ur kids how to act or what to do shes def. not the only actress or artist kids look up to! she is obviously still tring to find herself hint (all the mistakes shes been making lately tells u shes still a kid herself and has got alot of growing up to do so parents dont leave it up to her to raise ur kids shes a kid herself yall just need someone to blame for ur kids bad behavior).....


wat is the matter with u guys...(or shud i say %^$&^*&^%$$%$)
she was just expresing her views...
and she is totally right... and i have no idea y u guys hate her so much.....she is cute. and she may not be Miss Perfect but she is still true to herself and to her fans....




i am a big fan of u and i want to say somthin plz dont marry


'That may be true, Miles, but so is this: You'd never have landed a starring role in a movie if not for your life in Los Angeles.' That is so not true, she sent in audition tapes for the role of hannah montana when she was living in Nashville because a talent agent took notice of her. she moved to LA after disney had expressed interest and asked her to do a live audition at the studio. she kept moving back and forth between la and nashville and it wasnt until she landed the role of hannah montana did she move to California.


First off, People look up 2 miley, my dad even said tht she is a good role model but tht wuz in 2007. And so i think that has changed alot. noo i defintley don't.


I agree with wat she said about being a role model!
I am 17 and guess wat I have taken pics like she had taken! I have older friends! My friend who's 16 is dating a 20 year old guy! GET OVER IT PEOPLE! If you do want to criticize her,do it about her music and acting! how would you feel if some retarded losers spread false rumors about your private life on gossip websites behind your back? Miley is a human being for God's sake!Give her some damn respect!Teenage is the best time of a person's lifetime, let her enjoy it,everyone does naughty things when they are teens,its natural .once its gone its not gonna come back!let her explore life,live it,enjoy it,make mistakes and learn from it!


Wow this site really hates miley!! yes L.A gave her the fame and money but does that mean her privacy should be taken away? She cant go out with her friends without a 10000 people asking for her photograph and you people writing so much crap about her would have understood how hard that is for a 17 year old if u were as famous as her!!and she got to feel like a regular teen at Georgia! I wouldnt blame her for that! She never said she hated LA,she hates the fact that her privacy gets taken away! now how is that going to help in her career? All these stupid gossip websites including this one spreading rumors about her and saying crap about her is NOT and I repeat NOT going to help her career in music!


Okay.. she does have to be thankfull for the fans and the spotlight... but i mean, i understand what she is trying to say! She is a teenager, and she is yet figuring herself out, she does what every other teen does.. it's normal to do mistakes, that's life! so, haven't u done your mistakes? why can't she? i know i make them everyday.. and im trying to learn with them, so is she!


Oh my God Miley Cyrus poor you oh look at me im Miley Cyrus my life is so hard riding in privet jets getting my picture taken and sighing my name on a piece of paper i have it SSOO rough and while im at my mansion in LA i just think about how many fans i have and how much i wish they would leave me alone.
If you cant stand the spot light then leave if i were a celebrity in the spot light i would be lifting it up meeting all the fans i can in one day sing on stage signing autographs and answer almost every question that came my way i would LOVE IT!!!!!!


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