Miley Cyrus Posts Suicide Prevention PSA

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Not even we can mock Miley Cyrus for the following video. In fact, we can simply give her a lot of props.

The singer has lent her name and time to an important cause. She's supporting the organization To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit charity that seeks to create an Internet community for individuals pondering suicide.

It allows people to discuss their problems with a certified staff member and receive real-time online crisis management.

As Miley explains in the video below, the organization is looking for funding. Visit for more information and let's applaud Cyrus for this effort...

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Thats so nice! Im 12 and I almost committed suicide (my mom got rid of my dog). Poeple get her all wrong she is really a great person!


WHO CARES. Not me. Miley wants attention. Thats all she ever wanted


Thats so sweet.


i think miley rocks and it is so lovely that miley is doing that. love& blessing miley


hmmm... miley is kind but sometimes she get well I am not shower but I know that her hart in the right place good luck miley but I wish for somthing that you leave hannah montana when your 20!


Miley is truly an awesome, kind hearted, and caring person. Her heart loves without bounds. Of course her supporters and fans already know that for a fact and will always help Miley with any and all of her causes. Love & Blessing Miley.


Just what everyone needs to see.. Miley with botox.. Not a good look for someone so young.. It is very obvious too!


I have pondered suicide after listening to Miley's albums various times.


Way to be there to support her,THG...Maybe,you'll finally begin to realize that Miley is a whole lot more than you want to see...She actually cares about many worthwhile things,and people...And she has Yet to tap into her full Potential..When she makes that decision---You'll see her do some cool things many would never believe that she's capable of..Just keep an eye peeled,and don't look so awed when she shocks you. Remember--you heard it here first,from Miley's Avenger...The real--Hollywood...
PS: Maybe instead of bashin' on her,so much,you could send a little more Love her way? Whatta-ya'-think,guys??HW...