Miley Cyrus' Fashion: Hot or A Hot Mess?

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Miley Cyrus is growing up.

The singer/actresss will soon depart Hannah Montana; she's moving in with her boyfriend; and she apparently just started dressing herself.

While the first two items listed may not be a problem, Miley clearly needs help with her wardrobe. Paging mother Tish!

Cyrus stepped out in public this weekend in cowboy boots, torn jeans and a strange, shredded shirt. You'd think her Sex and the City 2 cameo would have taught the star something about fashion...

Total Mess
From the Backside


As notable, harsh critics of Miley Cyrus, we'll refrain from saying anything else and just leave it up to our readers.

What do you think of Miley's outfit?

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i think miley has her willd sid and a sweet i have that to i think that outfit is hot.


What selena Gomez wears is a hot mess.It looks like she be wearing her grandmas clothes or dressing in the dark or both. Miley needs to tutor her in fashion!


I like what she's wearing here, I would wear it! She looks gorgeous as always. I


Ummm ya know Miley Cyrus is growing soo give a her a damn break I mean she went through so much ever since the break up with Nick the racy pics & her wardrobe soo 2 the people people who keep saying stuff about her because it's her decision & let her do whatever she wants geez it's just clothes sooo shut ur trap!!!


the front i was like "okay, that's alright... i guess..." then i saw the back && i was like "WOAH. TO MUCH...SKIN!" D:


She look so cool!! She's a style icon!! :


jeeze. sje's JUST trying to grow up. know biggy.
it's not a big deal to be showing her back is it?
but i am IN LOVE with her jeans lol
Miley FTW


a hot damn mess


miley ura dick lol


she is becoming a SLUT definitio:a person who sells themselves for eyes pleasure...any ways growing is not an exuse for wearing almost no clothe so stop exusing her and accept this,she is the way she is or is becoming..she is starting to look like a hooker in other words ordinary like everyone..i used to like her, she dissapointed me