Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: NOT Engaged... Yet (?!?)

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We'll start by shooting down a rumor making its way around the Internet:

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not engaged! Witnesses apparently spied a diamond ring on the singer's finger, contacted a celebrity gossip site and talk began to surface that the Australian actor had proposed to the 17-year old.

Going to the Club

This is not true. But might it be soon?

An insider told E! News that Cyrus does see herself "marrying young." Moreover, she's "totally in love" and has told people in her life that Liam is "the one." (Sorry, Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston, we hope you aren't reading this.)

Adding fuel to this engagement fire? Sources state that Miley and Liam now live together in the Cyrus family home.

Might marriage really be that far behind? Should Miley wait a few years before she settles down? And can Noah Cyrus please stop singing about getting crunked?!?

Those are the questions. What are your answers, readers?


What!!!! yall need to leave her alone....She is 17 she can if u wants to--- there r 17and18year olds who live with their boyfriends......Some of u people need to look at yourselfs and stop being so judgmental


she is only 17 years old why the hell would her smart ass parnents let her boyfriend stay with them someone needs to put her in her place i bet he even sleep in the same damn bed she has little brothers and sisters wow what a girl i don't take her sourios anymore she lost my respect she make me sick to my stomch


he's a golddigger & she is dumb as a stump - they are perfect for each other - she can continue to make all the money (as long as her career lasts) & he can control her & spend all her money & have affairs on the side & then they can get divorced & he can clean her out of half her worth. as far as getting married young to have sex - she is NOT a virgin & they have & are most definitely having sex. Miley is typical hollywood trash! I feel sorry fot the 2 nice christian young men who previously dated her & fell in love with her - I'm sure they believed the purity ring crap. hopefully these 2 young men will find the nice girls of their dreams & forget this slut.


I think Miley is not a teen star anymore. and the purity ring? that's just a cover of her bad attitude. she just want popularity, and more rumors and rumors. so she'll be more popular.
purity ring doesn't last forever.. it's just to get more fans. but when you want to have sex earlier than your age, you'll get rid of it and forget about all of your promises to us (fans) and to God


Hellion is so right. Liam knows that is the way to strike it rich - not to mention get laid. Hot diggity.


She wants to get married so that she can have sex. All of these purity rings are going to cause these young stars a ton of money when they get divorced after two years or less of marriage.


Liam is living with his brother Chris, in Chris's apartment. Liam and Miley are not living together.

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