Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: NOT Engaged... Yet (?!?)

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We'll start by shooting down a rumor making its way around the Internet:

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not engaged! Witnesses apparently spied a diamond ring on the singer's finger, contacted a celebrity gossip site and talk began to surface that the Australian actor had proposed to the 17-year old.

Going to the Club

This is not true. But might it be soon?

An insider told E! News that Cyrus does see herself "marrying young." Moreover, she's "totally in love" and has told people in her life that Liam is "the one." (Sorry, Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston, we hope you aren't reading this.)

Adding fuel to this engagement fire? Sources state that Miley and Liam now live together in the Cyrus family home.

Might marriage really be that far behind? Should Miley wait a few years before she settles down? And can Noah Cyrus please stop singing about getting crunked?!?

Those are the questions. What are your answers, readers?


o please lola3 u r just like her would u b with 2 brothers?that is so disgusting...


i don't like the girl but come on people u guys are being such a baby.the old world know that she is is having sex.she is only 17 and she is acting like she advise to her is that think before u marry this guy, don't rush your self into marring this guy because remember u r a teen and sooner r later e is gonna leave u for someone else who is at his age or may be some girl who can satisfy him more than u can.well seriously miley i think ur a bitch,stop acting like u r all that wen ur not.unlike we Jamaicans we have class wen dont jump ourselves into marriage just to have sex and we obviously dont plan on marring some1 we dont know if e is the one we want to spend the rest of our lives with.sooner r later u r gonna get divorce and wen e leave u for some one else u r gonna leave crying in ur daddy arm broke,lonely and miserable wen e robs all u cash.u hollywood disney peeps r nothing but sluts.


well if she says "He's the one" then thats her choice. And if she wants to get married young thats her choice also.
I think its nice. Just let her be.


i use to like miley i still like her movie and songs but not her she says shes a christan then she needs to stop talking the talk and walk the walk because shes not walking the walk and if shes a christan she wont have sex and get married idk why she has to grow up so fast she needs to live life as a young actress next thing you knw shes gonna end up being like brittany spears pretty but stupid choices.


STOP BEING HARSH she isnt young and it isnt anyones buisness if she would marry young or NOT!!! loof yhoo milesss


she really thinks she's that hot huh???


i don't know what's wrong with her!!!she had nick then justin !!!and now she had a new beau??!!!i hate her for that!!


yo guys leave miley alone


i love selena but i don;t hate miley so sel's hater , stop hating selena


aww i love miley (and liam :D)
and justin will find someone else
and nick always has my friend who will marry him (LOL) !!!

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