Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: NOT Engaged... Yet (?!?)

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We'll start by shooting down a rumor making its way around the Internet:

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not engaged! Witnesses apparently spied a diamond ring on the singer's finger, contacted a celebrity gossip site and talk began to surface that the Australian actor had proposed to the 17-year old.

Going to the Club

This is not true. But might it be soon?

An insider told E! News that Cyrus does see herself "marrying young." Moreover, she's "totally in love" and has told people in her life that Liam is "the one." (Sorry, Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston, we hope you aren't reading this.)

Adding fuel to this engagement fire? Sources state that Miley and Liam now live together in the Cyrus family home.

Might marriage really be that far behind? Should Miley wait a few years before she settles down? And can Noah Cyrus please stop singing about getting crunked?!?

Those are the questions. What are your answers, readers?


thats a rumor ,when she was in relationship with nick she wasnt kissing him like that,she didnt love him that much but i wish she did and didnt broke up ..:(


i hate that ugly girl to death she is such a ho. who has a tatoo at however old she is i dont give a crap that says just breath.
and everybody who liks her i hate u yall ar weird


even though miley is only 17.. in less then a year she wont have to anything her parents tell her to do.. she can live with her boyfriend and get engaged and do whatever she wants to do.. if she wasn't famous, nobody would care because there are so many young women just like her, who live with their boyfriends.. and u don't see anybody judging them.. just leave her alone and give her the privacy that she needs..


hey sidy idont care of what u said miley rocks


miley is a good person just give her a break ,that was just a rumour


The purity ring is bought by her mother, i think her mother knows what is best for her.


miley miley miley It's me have I learned you nothing why do you keep doing this to your self do you like people spread words about you It's your life come on I can't do this any more I am tierd of people talking about you this way..... Ok all of miley fan please help miley not to do this stafe come on even if your mad at her and I hope the insider look at my comments help miley to change I know it's hard but some thing is going to happen I don't know were or when but miley (if miley dosen't change thats what she wants).


She looks like Lohan here


rumour, lie, hoe the best to her, and will support her, even if I dont agree.. thats all to be said


WOW!!! So many of you seem to know sooo many details about this girls "sexual experience" and how she has "fallen from God"!!?!?!? So many of you seem to have the mental proof that she is this horrible sinner and should be hated by about conspirators. This talk, that thsi girl has been plagued with (all of her life, as a star) has never, ever ,ever been followed up with any proof or actual statements by any of her "lovers" or witnesses.....all of thes stories are contrived by sick assholes that are jealous and fucked in the is soooo stupid to even consider this kind of crap, much less about a should be ashamed!!

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