Michelle Obama Pics = Scott Baio Death Threats

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Scott Baio caused a stir on Twitter after posting a photo of Michelle Obama and being flat-out bombarded with angry replies from fans and enemies alike.

Some called the actor - who has often used his Twitter page to speak out about his Republican beliefs - an "a$$hole" and many said his post was racist.

Racist? Doubtful. In truth, it was just a tasteless joke.

Scott wrote "He [Barack] wakes up to this every day" combined with a really unflattering photo. People quickly jumped on him from all angles for this.

Follow the link above to see the pic he posted. Too far?

Michelle Obama's fans have lashed out at Scott Baio.

Baio insisted the post was just a joke, however, and shared screen caps of several death threats he received. That may be a little extreme as well, people.

"Easy to find your house Scottie boy and finish you," one commenter wrote while another threatened to harm his wife and family. Wow, take a joke much?

While calling the First Lady ugly and mocking the appearance of Michelle Obama pictures isn't likely to win friends, it also doesn't warrant death threats.

This isn't the first time an unflattering Michelle pic has made news. Google issued a statement in November with regard to an offensive image search result.

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I have been living for 53 years and as long as I've been on this earth (old enough to remember and vote) I was not always happy with the presidents who were voted in "I say voted in" again in case someone forgot that we in the USA vote for our Presidents and the wives come with that winning vote. So let me give some advice from that American exprience. Get over it, because things did not go your way, you all are still bitter. I also respected our leaders. And they have been white. Not because they were superior but because they are human beings elected to lead this wonderful country we live in. Now just because the President and Mrs. Obama are black, you've got problems with this. Bitterness and hatred.Please don't give me the blacks inferior to whites comments. Convince someone who is foolish enough to believe it. We all have these in common DIE,GO to the POTTY and pay TAXES. My prayers are in for all of you haters.


Two weeks ago,the earth shook, and people responsed,through the tireless efforts of The White House,the military,volunteers
celebrities, and everyday people.Without notice,people lost everything.Lives lost,amputations,hunger,the basic comforts that we are able to take for granted on a daily basis,none of us on these pages would want to trade our lives for that devastation,but
yet some of my co-writers find it necessary to support a joke that was never funny.Hopefully we all will only get better.PEACE!!


I do not have to remind any of my co-writers that the first lady does not get paid,but yet I have seen first ladies of the church receive more respect than the first lady of our country.I understand now more than ever why we have The Betty Ford Clinic.
Being in the spotlight every day,and being unprepared for that one
person who has to down you to feel better about themselves.WHO IS:
Eartha Kitt??Well known entertainer,verbally attacked Lady Bird Johnson into tears,she recovered.Eartha Kitt's career never did!!


Back to the future,if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything,it is a sad day that some of my co-writers chose to see Michelle through someone else's eyes.Michelle Obama is the only woman in our history that was asked by her superiors at the law firm where she worked to mentor a man who later became a senator,and then president.In the animal kingdom,we probably look funny to our four legged friends.For our tireless friends who continue to help with the earthquake relief,continued Thanks!!


Sycion seek and study God's word (the Bible). You will find peace and love. Turn your life around because Jesus is coming soon. All those jigaboos (whatever they are)if they are anything like you say they are, may end up in hell. And you do not want to be there with them. I say this because GOD is LOVE, which you are lacking as well as pity. Maybe you have never been loved or given pity. You see "what a man thinkest in his heart so is he"


i dont hate jigaboos. i pity them.


Hatred stirred up strifes:but love covereth all sins. (Proverbs 10:12)He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander,is a fool (Proverb 10:18)He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbor:but a man of understanding holdeth his peace (Proverbs 11:12)


What the HELL is wrong with you people we live in the land of the free and free speach. The truth is I would have put worse on there like her in with a gun in her hand shooting American people. Face it Obama and Pelosi are planning to destry America. Stop putting these terrist on a thrown. I could care less the color of someones skin we have the right to say what we want and not be damned for it. If you don't like free speach get the HELL out of America and go to Iraq with all the otheer terrist and killers. To Hell with Obama and his nasty ass wife. Can wait to get him out of office. Oh one more thing one utub there is a black man with a blog on there downing Obama is he racist too. Scott good job glad someone sees them for the cheap trash they are. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COLOR SO THE PEOPLE THAT HANG ON THIS GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT.


The picture clearly says, Michelle: "Rape me Tiger, Who cares about Elin!" and with Barrack filming it all on camera touching himself with nothing to touch down there saying "Touch me too Tiger." And thats how all the monkeys and chimpanzees get it on. The End.


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