Michelle Obama Pics = Scott Baio Death Threats

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Scott Baio caused a stir on Twitter after posting a photo of Michelle Obama and being flat-out bombarded with angry replies from fans and enemies alike.

Some called the actor - who has often used his Twitter page to speak out about his Republican beliefs - an "a$$hole" and many said his post was racist.

Racist? Doubtful. In truth, it was just a tasteless joke.

Scott wrote "He [Barack] wakes up to this every day" combined with a really unflattering photo. People quickly jumped on him from all angles for this.

Follow the link above to see the pic he posted. Too far?

Michelle Obama's fans have lashed out at Scott Baio.

Baio insisted the post was just a joke, however, and shared screen caps of several death threats he received. That may be a little extreme as well, people.

"Easy to find your house Scottie boy and finish you," one commenter wrote while another threatened to harm his wife and family. Wow, take a joke much?

While calling the First Lady ugly and mocking the appearance of Michelle Obama pictures isn't likely to win friends, it also doesn't warrant death threats.

This isn't the first time an unflattering Michelle pic has made news. Google issued a statement in November with regard to an offensive image search result.

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We all love Mrs Obama. And anyone can say what he want.We don't care.




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The presidents wife looks like a ugly, retarded gorilla.
I will again say "expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and repeat to yourself the most comforting words of all;This too,shall past.Take care,cont'd Blessings to all!!


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I thought it was hilarious! Right on Scott! I'd much rather have Charles in charge instead of Barrack "I have done nothing that I promised" Obama and his Planet of the Apes looking wife. You and the highest crime rate and the lowest educational standards in the free world are why conservative parents either need licences to breed or should be spayed and/or neutered.
Look in the mirror, conservative, there's a reason why no classy, intelligent woman wants you.


Scott, I've looked up to you as a wonder television star.You were so good on what you played on Happy days and Charles in Charge.You were a great actor,but I never thought you would do what you did a few days ago and it's NOT a joke. Posting that photo on twiiter was a bit offensive and I hope think about people's feelings as well.


Who is Scott Baio? What a hack.