Michael Lohan Arrested, Held in Contempt For Violating Restraining Order

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Michael Lohan has more legal troubles than ... well, Lindsay Lohan! Seriously, dude violates restraining orders like it's his job. Which is... who the heck knows.

The absurdity? To violate a restraining order, someone has to first obtain one against you. Then you have to shun it so obviously that they call the cops again.

Such is life for Michael Lohan, who's making this an old habit at this point. M-Lo was arrested again after another incident involving his ex girlfriend Erin Muller.

Once again, the phone was his undoing.

Michael Lohan Mug Shot

Michael Lohan poses for a familiar photographer.

According to Erin's attorney Bryan Konoski, Lindsay's father allegedly called Erin at work on January 21, a violation of Erin's restraining order against him.

Nassau County (N.Y.) police say Michael, who is dating Kate Major now for some reason, was arrested Thursday night and booked for criminal contempt.

This isn't an old story - he was arrested in December for the same thing. He was also accused of booting Erin in the vagina, which is seriously uncool.

The dirtbag is due in court on February 25.

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I have no idea who he is but he sure does look like a perverted old man. haha