Mel Gibson Still Downplaying Anti-Semitic Rant

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As if his unrequited, unsolicited support for Tiger Woods weren't strange enough, Mel Gibson tried (in vain) to defend his 2006 meltdown again this week.

Mel's blatant anti-semitic rampage at the Malibu police station after his arrest for drunk driving became one of the top celebrity scandals of the decade.

But, while promoting his new movie, Edge of Darkness, Gibson said that people should just let it go. Which they might if he didn't keep downplaying it.

"It’s said that I went into a rant, but I think it went on for about five words," he said. "I was drunk. It just turned into a big thing. I apologized - not once, three times. So what’s the problem? It’s four years ago. Do I need to apologize again?”

For the record, it was most definitely a rant.

Oksana and Mel

Mel Gibson and his unwed baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, attend his latest movie premiere. His comments continue to baffle. [Photo:]

"F--king Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" is more than five words. The many times he called police officers "motherf*%ker" and "sugar t!ts" while proclaiming "I own Malibu" and trying to break $h!t also add up.

This isn't to say Mel doesn't deserve forgiveness. Sure he does. But we don't get the feeling he thinks he was wrong in the first place, which might help.

Similar to the "he's human" defense of Tiger, who slept with scads of women he wasn't married to, the "I was drunk" defense doesn't cut it here, Mel.

Amazingly, he should consider taking a page from the Michael Vick school of PR and profusely apologize, sincerely, until people simply get tired of it.


I love Mel Gibson, I grew-up watching his movies. butyou know, we all get mad, and say silly things, Mel is just going thru a bad time, as we all do one time or another in our lives, what we need to do is pray for him and for his ex-girlfriend, I know when you are in a relationship with a man/ love and care about that person(unconditional love) you try to protect them even when they hurt you really bad, by her recording him and than handing the tapes to the press is really looking bad on her side, yes it makes her look like she played him, again we can't judge her, lets pray for these two, and remember there is a beautiful little girl involved in this, so, people lets pray that things workout for this little angels parents.
we are not to judge leave that to our savior Jesus Christ.
(belive me iam work in progres, i always have to tell my self not to judge).


Wow, let it go! It was 4 years ago, who cares!


He might stop "downplaying" it if the rest of you would stop way OVERplaying it! Milk this thing to death dude.
He was DRUNK. And this is following harrassment and threats to his career for making "Passion of the Christ", a total taboo in a place like Hollywood.
I may be gay and an atheist, and sure; I thought "Passion" sucked big-time, but I still think Mel's been spanked enough in public for his little "rant". He was drunk and sometimes people who experience reverse bigotry and discrimination boil over. My friends and coworkers and total strangers have said/done the dumbest things while drunk. It's like being asleep.
I'm an atheist but I still believe in freedom of religion. Most of Hollywood does not. I know because I work here.


Gibson is a dyed in the wool rabid anti semitic venal catholic. Mossad should take him out. I would gladly pull the trigger myself - after spending many hours torturing him first. Sad thing is, he was a pretty decent actor in his day. His rendition of Hamlet I thought was pretty compelling. Won't ever watch it, or anything else by him, ever again though. My DVD of Hamlet made a nice ritual bonfire. Only shame is that I couldn't chuck Gibson himself onto the flames.


Sounds like a bunch of HATERS to me ! The guy apologized .All of you critics , i am sure you know him personally . If you believe ANYTHING you hear on television or anything you read in ANY news publication , which is extremely biased , you are an being naive , that is unless it serves your personal agenda .


Porque ficar remoendo o passado. Quem nunca errou que atire a primeira pedra. O Mel está fazendo o melhor que pode para sair do problema do alcoolismo e o melhor é ajudar e não prejudicar.
Porque você ao invés de ficar remoendo o passado do Mel, seusa erros, e duvidar do seu arrependimento, não se olhar no espelho? Acho que se assustaria com sua verdadeira imagem.
Mel, eu amo você, seus filhos, sua família e lhe desejo toda a sorte do mundo. Continue. Siga em frente e nunca deixe de atuar, de fazer o que gosta com paixão. Seus fãs precisam de você. Estamos ao seu lado. Deus o abençoe.


If he would have blamed all of the problems and wars in the world on people like himself, ie. white gentile males, he would have recieved a pat on the back for being "sensitive."


I think that it is unfair to say that we are honest only when we are drunk....I think being drunk...makes us do things we would not normally me...I have been there...I am sure most everyone is so superior...they never say anything untastful....or nasty....until someone can post on here "I am perfect...I never hurt anyones feelings...or say things I don't mean" God is the only one whom can judge our actions...get off your superior high horse....and be human...after all human make mistakes...


David you just don't know what we all say when you people ain't around.


Butchie the Souse, you are a complete fucking moron. You should get a lobotomy, because it could only be an improvement upon what's going on in your head right now.


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