Matt Kemp and Rihanna: Really Dating!

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It looks like the editors of THG were a bit too quick to dispute the authenticity of a rumor surfacing yesterday that linked Rihanna and Matt Kemp romantically.

For one, the source reporting it was OK! freaking Magazine. Second, they were supposedly off in Dubai together, and the timeline simply didn't add up to us.

Well, it turns out the UK's Mirror actually spotted RiRi and Matty up close and personal while vacationing in Mexico together last weekend. There are photos!

It looks like Rihanna and Matt Kemp may be a real item. We stand corrected!

A Gold Glove winner who swiped 69 bags over the past two seasons, the 25-year-old baseball star is known for his soft hands and his skills on the bases.


Pretty Ri

They've only been together for a short while, but Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp was already rounding first with Rihanna in Mexico this weekend.

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rihanna new boyfriend very handsome and sexy too.he is much sexier and cutier than chris brown a.k.a (a women beater).aleast matt kemp doesn't beat woman.he's a responible man who takes goo care of ladies.i know chrisy's heart is dieing for rihanna back but there's no way rihanna can take a fool like him back.rihanna knows better then him.thank god chris brown didn't rape rihanna when he was beatin her.cuz that would be the worstier then gettin beatin.but anyway i wish a good lock between matt kemp and rihanna's relationship and that no one must come between them.wish u a good lock lovebirds.


LOL... I am probably the only male to make a comment. What a bunch of chickenhead haters. I wish I was dating one of you guys.
I would beat the shit out of yourl !! lmao


yall (some) are a bunch of idiots, I pray to god my daughters don't turn out like some of you little girls these days........ When your man punches your fukin eye out of it's socket and bites a big chunk out of your face let's see how much of you little bitches will be praising a freakin woman beater.... Freakin retards


Well I wish Rihanna well. I am a fan of Chris and i believe his career isnt over. He just needs to move on and get a lady who suits him better than Rihanna. I think he made an error in judgement by deciding to go out with her


no-one likes rihanna , including me. she is so stupid. matt, you can do better than her. i guess you just using her. i hope so.


u btch how can u forget the great timee u passed with hansom guy chriss.thimk and go back.chriss is always the best u ll never get a man like chriss ur 1 lover


u btch how can u forget the great timee u passed with handsom guy chriss.think and go back


am really happy that riri has finally moved on...and she really looks happy with this guy...i just hope that he doesn't hurt her...she's still of luck to both!!!


First of all whoever talkin bout chris brown need to shut the hellup because he is sexy and he could do way better than her but i can say that the man she with is kinda cute but she will never find a man like chris brown ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry for matt kemp she is a nasty chick...not nice riho ho lmao