Marilyn Manson: Engaged to Evan Rachel Wood?

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Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson just got back together last month after spending some time apart. Are they now fast-tracking their relationship to the altar?

According to The Mirror (UK), they are already engaged to be married.

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An inside source says that at one of the shock rocker's recent shows in Paris, France, he asked Evan to be his wife. Evan said "Yes." Congratulations ... we think?

As recently as September, Evan was linked to her True Blood co-star, Alexander Skarsgard. She soon got back together with Manson, but is this rumor legit?

We sort of hope not. We're happy for them and all, but nothing good can come of this. We're picturing black roses, vials of blood and other morbid stuff.

The couple is registered at Pottery Barn and Hot Topic.

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Seems like a pretty unhealthy pairing. The on again /off again thing is a sure sign of a strong foundation for a successful marriage. (shrug)


Who cares if the relationship doesn't work out, and that Marilyn is a "freak". They both deserve happiness and if they are happy then good for them and who knows if they do actuly get married they may actuly stay together and surprise alot of people lol.


She was only linked to Skarsgard because Lainey Gossip started that rumor. He's said in countless interviews they're only friends. Maybe it will work out the second time around with Manson.


I don't like the couple. They got physically worse staying together. She was much more beautiful years ago, more fresh, sunny, and less uselessly "noir" and "mysterious" and "dark" . I don't like this insulsisy of calling "gothic" the same old repetitive noir style that every girl of marilyn manson tends to have, it is really not fitting. They have different styles and no change of look can work to make them look similar. We're nor in LA Confidential, I mean, a bit more of imagination.


Congratulations to the both of them! They are both very talented and interesting people. I hope they find happiness and have more children together then the octo-mom!


lolol...Nathan, grown men wearing cake make-up was in, in the medieval times.....sorry, it is not my mind that is narrow, it is my eyes that are open..Marilyn needs to grow up...


Two adults, intelligent and talented. They stand as much of a chance for their marriage to work as anyone else.


The 'Goth Look' is not a fad, it never goes out of style. But either does ignorance, enjoy your typical boring life :)


How is this marriage not going to work? Just because Manson is a freak doesn't take away how long they have known each other. PS - You don't have to look like a nice guy to have a good marriage, just ask Tiger Woods.


Somebody send him a package of make-up wipes....this goth look was over years ago....(even if he does look better covering his fugly mug in cake make-up)

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