Super Bowl Ad: Rejected!

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There's little debate that Super Bowl XLIV will pit the top teams in each conference against each other.

But there's already a great deal of controversy surrounding commercials that will air on CBS during the game. A pro-choice group, for example, is taking extreme exception to the planned Tim Tebow ad on the February 7 broadcast.

Many liberals might have more to shout over now:

CBS continues to stall over a commercial from, a gay dating website. The network has told the company that ad space is full, though many spots remain unsold. Said spokesman Dominic Friesen:

"It's clearly a form of discrimination that we're getting the runaround, that we're not being told the truth. Quite frankly, there is a lot of ad space available - a lot of the companies that typically advertise during the Super Bowl are not advertising this year."

In the 30-second spot, two men are watching the game, reach into the chip bowl simultaneously... and then make out. Watch it below and sound off: Is this a double standard, considering the approval for the aforementioned pro-life ad?

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This is freakin hysterical and as you can plainly see the guys are not full on mouth making out, so what is the harm? There is always the double standard.
Why is it ok for me to have to watch some broad with fake boobs try to make them bounce, but when men go for the cheap laugh it is to much for America to take?
Come on we voted for a black president, what is wrong with the nation getting a good laugh....The third wheel is priceless
Lighten up people, it is a commerical


in before, madTV - it's a football thing (they did it wayyy better) everyone who hates: you've had like 10 partners in RL and think you know stuff?!
obviously you have NO IDEA AT ALL about sexuality. try something different, also by trying out same sex, then try posting intolerant sh**t like you did.
but whats that: you're no longer able to! you've grown, you suddenly understand, life has become more complex for you!
finally you'll be able to give answers to your kids,
the end of ignorance :D


What about all the violent abusive games that are advertised that the children are pulled into and led to believe that that is how they should act, all the degradation towards women we live in a society that promotes sexual abuse of all kinds and our youth are the targets!!How many kids and adults spend the day in front of the tv believing what they are fed !! wake up look around take action think for yourself.


I am and gay have been in a relationship for 14 years and we have a child and i do not believe the commercial should be played either. One reason it is very poor quality and does not live up to suerbowl standards and the second is that it does not appear to actually advertise the business it appears that they were just trying to get 2 men on the television in primetime viewing kissing to see if any controversy would be started which they have succeeded to do. the commercial makes no sense and it is truly tasteless but i feel the way gay or straight you can advertise without having the people making out on tv.


The Super Bowl half time will have a "Convicted" felon for collecting child porn. Pete Townsend of The Who. What message is that sending?


I would be uncomfortable having my 3 year old view this commercial, with a man and woman, 2 men, or 2 of anything else. It IS a stupid commercial.


Mancrunch never intened to run this ad. They have achieved what they wanted. It's now all over the internet...and being covered by media outlets... They are getting much more attention now for the price of producing that cheesy ad...and they would if it ever made air during the Superbowl. It's merely a publicity stunt that has worked exceptionally well. Kudo's to their marketing staff for getting all this nearly free publicity.


This ad is horribly done. Period. And I don't buy that there was advertising time for it to air. This looks like a contrived stunt to me.




I think it's gross. I wouldn't want to see a man and woman either making out while a Superbowl game is playing. Just shows that the makers of this commerical have zero class. Advertise your dating site somewhere private where kids aren't likely to see it. I don't think it will make a kid "gay" but come on, what ever happened to just plain decency anymore? Keep the smut off of t.v.