Magazine Tries to Milk Brittany Murphy's Death

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Way to go, In Touch.

We've seen plenty of ridiculous tabloid covers in our day, and comparatively speaking, this one isn't as bad as many in terms of flat-out lies.

However, referencing Brittany Murphy's "final interview" as an exclusive when it wasn't and taking some quotes out of context? Nice work!

Brittany, who passed away of cardiac arrest on December 20, did in fact talk in an actual interview about what she wants in her "next life."

This is, however, an expression many people use, and was not meant to suggest she thought she'd be dying anytime soon. Come on guys.

Brittany Murphy Cover

HER LAST INTERVIEW: To a huge crowd of reporters. At a premiere. Chilling, indeed. The smile on her face was just a facade, masking her eerie "final words."

Also, in the interview, any references to anorexia, God and feeling incomplete are all in appropriate context - if the topics even come up in the first place.

Trying this hard to cash in a non-suspicious celebrity death? Pretty weak, In Touch. Stick to tall tales about Angelina Jolie's revenge pregnancy next time.

That, or take the opposite approach and flat-out suggest that Simon Monjack drugged Brittany. Some people would believe it, and you'd sell more copies!


THANK you for writing the exact same thing I thought about the "In my next Life" quote. Its a figure of speech, Einstein! I had the pleasant opportunity to meet her on a movie not long ago and she liked to talk,like to give compliments,and it sounded like something she'd say to some one as a compliment. That along with the general tackiness of the article,well I noticed it. I am sure there is abudant suffering,and IF there is enabling,or worse, it will hopfully come out.


While that is pretty shameless journalism, the only thing worse than that has gotta be the unreal enabling performed by those around these recently deceased celebs. Doctors with no ethics and friends and spouses who are bent on keeping their meal-ticket under their thumb are gambling with someone else's life. Whether they have clear motivation like Howard K. Stern trying to vicariously benefit from Anna's pursuit of an estate claim against the Marshall family (a claim that finally looks to be primed to yield a conclusion in the 9th circuit in favor of the Marshalls) or the motivation is puzzling like that of someone like Brittany Murphy's husband (if it comes out that he was involved in some sort of shady doings) there will continue to be enablers until judges start making examples out of these people. This article is troubling but I hope the larger issue is dealt with before the list of celebrity overdose obituaries grows any longer.


Oh Simon, what have you done.....!


and you people DON'T think he would rather kill her than have her leave him? do you people honestly think she was going to stick with that fat, ugly, disruptive man? she may have been no genius but she probably was no dummy either. the writing was on the wall for him.


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