Loleini Tonga Off the Hook in Chris Henry Death

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Loleini Tonga, the fiancee of late NFL star Chris Henry, will not face charges stemming from the incident that led to his tragic death in December.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (N.C) "determined that there was no evidence of reckless driving or excessive speed by Ms. Tonga."

Chris Henry died December 17 after suffering a fall from a moving truck the previous day. Tonga was driving the truck at the time Henry fell.

Cops said Loleini Tonga was cooperative throughout the investigation. She says that he actually jumped out of the back of her truck, rather than falling.

She also insisted she wasn't driving fast on the day the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver was fatally injured and "thought he would land safely."

R.I.P. Chris Henry (1983-2009).

Tonga said Henry may have been scared because he saw someone calling 911. She said he didn't jump with the intention of harming himself.

The two had argued on December 16 at the home owned by Tonga's parents in Charlotte, N.C. She didn't say what the argument was about.

She sped off in the truck, though, and it is believed Henry jumped on the back. Henry died the following day from his massive head injuries.

Police called the argument a domestic dispute and are investigating the traffic accident, but as we said above, no charges have been filed.

Chris was away from the Bengals and had been visiting Loleini's parents in North Carolina while he rehabbed a season-ending injury.


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She is as culpable in his death as he is. She gets off the hook, but her actions led directly to his death.