Linda Hogan to Pen Tell-All Biography, No One to Read It

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Unlike the Oprah Winfrey autobiography we wrote about earlier today, the following book is actually going forward. To the chagrin of numerous trees that will be killed in its name.

In response to her ex-husband's recent memoir, which labeled her an “abusive alcoholic,” Linda Hogan is preparing a tell-all of her own.

It will focus on her turbulent relationship with Hulk Hogan; her son's 2007 car accident; and "how much better life is now that she is no longer married," her attorney, Ray Rafool, said.

Rafool also labeled the upcoming book as "uplifting," which we can only assume is a reference to where her skirt ends up every night in bed with 19-year old Charlie Hill.

Linda Hogan Picture

“She will include all the trials she endured during the marriage, Nick’s accident and the things she has accomplished,” Rafool told Fox News. “Linda wants people to know her – she understands what it is like to get a divorce, to be a mother with grown children and establish a career and move forward.”

That career? Bitter ex-reality star.

Rafool adds that Hulk Hogan probably won't like the book. If it includes more references to her daughter's boob job and banging habits, Brooke Hogan might not be a fan of it, either.


Linda is a dumb slut who can't do a thing for herself and can only ride on the rest or her families co-tails Hulk Hogan is a Wrestling God who gave us all the best years of his life and made Linda's life better then ever so think about it Linda when you write your tell all Book The only Reason you have abook is because of Brooke,Hulk and Nick's life's and the problams they have when you need too look in the Mirrior your nothing without them but a Couger with a 19 year old boy toy who is a nobody. So last but not least Linda This is for my Hero Hulk Hogan Get Bent you Dumb B**CH