Lady Gaga to Host Gay Rights Gala

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Never one to sit back quietly on the issue, Lady Gaga is gearing up to host a special gay rights gala to support the legalization of same-sex marriage.

She may not be a hermaphrodite herself, but the music superstar has been unwavering in her support of the LGBT community and equal rights for all.

Lady Gaga the Muppet

The Gaga-headlined Hands Up for Marriage Equality benefit will take place on Atlantic City, New Jersey tomorrow. Her world tour kicks off next month.

Expect a powerhouse performance.

Standard Lady Gaga live performance attire.

Lady Gaga, who led a gay rights march through Washington, D.C., in October, will use the gala to raise funds for four organizations - Empire State Pride Agenda, Equality Pennsylvania, Garden State Equality, and The Power.

The singer said in a statement: "I am honored to raise awareness and money for this cause and all these outstanding organizations. Organizations like these are in the trenches every day working on behalf of all of us, gay or straight"

"Equal and full civil rights are supposed to be for all of us.”

Couldn't agree more, Lady G.


I love lady gaga soooo much! She is just the most wonderful awsome outgoing real person ever!


pangit ka lady gaga! bkla ka pala!


OMG it makes me soooooo mad when people say that shit bout...U...LADY GAGA...i love u...and i am ur biggest fan...i am holding a our school GAY STRAIGHT Association...i am gay ..and what u did for adam lambert whom i love is totally what friends who love eachother shud totally do...u and Adam R MY idols...
P>S> even if u were a transvestite..then its not our business it yours...the poparatzzi may have made u famouse..but there is a limit...let people think what they want to think....cuz in the end its all about u....luv ya...


lady gaga is awsome she is my favorite artist I LOVE her lady gaga you rule,though its just so mean for the web to acuse you of being a transvestite.if they think your one in my watch they are one you rock my world lady gaga.plys how could people be dumb enough to think your a guy you obiosly look like a girl and act like one.i luv poker face its my fav-o-rite song if you are seeing this im your biggest fan -darling 12yrs. florida =]


She actually a very nice sweet young woman that caught up in a bunch of political garbage


Saying that Lady Gaga is not a transvestite is like saying Mark McGwire never took roids.


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