Lady Gaga Speaks on Hermaphrodite Rumors, Her Androgynous Appeal, Sex with Women on 20/20

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With her outrageous getups, sexually-charged songs and blood-soaked performances, Lady Gaga has become a bona fide star at just 23 years of age.

Much has been written about her, but in an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20 Friday, Gaga said there are some big misconceptions out there.

That she has a penis is one of those misconceptions, but more on that in a moment. What she hates most, she says, is hearing that she is artificial.

"The truth is that every bit of me is devoted to love and art," she said. "I aspire to try to be a teacher to my fans... to liberate them of their fears."

Just Gaga Over Gaga

Asked about lyrics that seem to imply bisexuality, Gaga confirmed that she's had sexual relationships with women, though she's only been in love with men.

Gulp. Turning her attention to the ongoing Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors, the singer put them to rest (sort of) once and for all. This was the exchange:

Barbara Walters: You've heard the rumors going around ... the rumor that you are both a man and a woman?
Lady Gaga: [pause] I'm familiar with it.
Barbara Walters: Is it true?
Lady Gaga: No.

Well, there you have it. Although, asked if she is upset by such rumors, Gaga said her androgynous appeal is a big reason for her success, and doesn't exactly go out of her way to limit that. So believe whatever you want about her!

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I think SHE is fabulous, too fabulous for the media to handle with grace, so of course they have to come up with some big bullshit rumor. duh, I think she's gorgeous, and astonshingly unique. she's awesome, and has sooo much energy, and doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about her, that's why she's taken the world by storm. so of course people are going to hate, big time. (:


Lady Gaga = Teh Sex, Man/woman or alien.


I do not think she was once a he i think someone started a rumor about for something stupied shes to beautiful


I agree with pak31, and anyway she is a nice person with great songs. And personally I think shes pretty cute.


man screw it. lady gaga is fabulous.


I could really care less what she is. She is a person. What does a singers/entertainers sexual preference etc. have to do with how they sing a song? I guess I am old fashioned or something but people are so hung up on who singers sleep with instead of how their voice sounds on a CD. I personally think for only 23 she looks much much older.


@ Hellion The "jaw line" has nothing to do with your sex, and secondly you can't have a sex change and have pictures of yourself as a baby.
And as for the hips, those are not the curves of a man, she has an ass. And men usually aren't 5'3. Just because someone is involved with gay rights doesn't demine there sexuality you prick


He had a sex change folks! Look at the jaw line. Look at the hips. Look at how much he/she is involved in gay rights and gay stuff like that. I'm sorry but I am convinced that Lady Gaga was once Mister Gaga.


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