Lady Gaga Returns to Outrageous Action

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Days after being sidelined by exhaustion, Lady Gaga returned to the place she loves most - the stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall - and acted like her old self.

Her old self being her young, outrageous self.

Throwing Flowers

Several shows on her Monster's Ball tour were postponed, but LG rallied for her appearance on Oprah, followed by shows at her hometown's famous venue.

"It's surreal for me to be here tonight because I grew up in New York," the rumored hermaphrodite told the sold-out crowd. "I just feel so very blessed."

The human disco ball returned to action this week.

How does this fabulous getup compare with some of the singer's wild past outfits? Take a look at our gallery of Lady Gaga pictures and vote on your favorites.


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