Lady Gaga Gets the Comic Book Treatment

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Based on how often (and for the outrageous reasons) she appears in our celebrity fashion section, one might say Lady Gaga resembles a cartoon character as is.

But on May 5, she'll become one for real - on the cover of a comic book!

The funny thing is that the colorful premiere issue of the new Fame series features the singer looking less ridiculous than in many actual Lady Gaga pictures.

But she definitely looks ... super:

Lady Gaga: A superhero of music, fashion and now comic books!

Lady G is certainly known for being animated as a performer - her concerts are can't miss events - but never in this fashion. We think it suits her rather well, though!

Bluewater Productions, the publisher of the Female Force series, has featured Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling, Eclipse author Stephenie Meyer and Michelle Obama.

Now Lady Gaga leads a new group of "culturally relevant" celebrity comics. Future installments include Robert Pattinson, Taylor Swift, David Beckham and 50 Cent.


Marcus needs to wipe the drool off his chin and stop sniffing glue while he still has one or two brain cells left.
Gaga's doing a great job of handling the baggage of super-fame while remaining creative and productive in terms of her music. The woman is one of the most fantastically talented songwriters, singers, and performers in decades. Nice cover too.


She looks like Christina Aguilera here!


Ahh,the mumbling,stumbling,fame whore gets a better looking cartoon face than her real nauseating,ugly mug.


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