Katy Perry and Russell Brand: Engaged!

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On December 28, we reported that Katy Perry and Russell Brand might be engaged. Today, you can officially take "might be" out of the equation!

The crazy pair, who have been together for just a few months, decided to make it official five days ago while on vacation together in Jaipur, India.

A pal says that Russell Brand proposed and Katy Perry said yes. Then he kissed a girl, ladies and gentlemen, and she liked it. Sorry, that was bad.

The exotic trip, a Perry pal said, "was his Christmas gift. She told him she loved Indian culture while they were in England, so he surprised her."

Looks like he had more than one surprise in store!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand just work as a couple.

On her Twitter page December 29, the pop singer shared a sweet snapshot of her and the zany British comedian in front of India's famed Taj Mahal.

"He built this for me," she wrote beneath the photo.

On New Year's Day, Katy Perry shared another tourist photo: her hand being painted with a traditional Henna tattoo. "Isn't it lovely?" she wrote.

At November's MTV Europe Music Awards, Perry paid tribute to Brand via her on-stage underpants, emblazoned with his nickname, "Rusty."

Perry has "never connected with anybody like this," says a friend of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, who is reportedly "super into her."

Good to hear! And congrats!

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i really like katy perry, shes cool,,,,


i like holywood artest,,,




Hey its mayte and tash yo whats up??


ROFL!! If this farce of a wedding ever happens, you just know that Vegas will be putting odds on how long (or rather SHORT) it'll last, and how much of a windfall Russell will rake in after the divorce. Given his history, this girl is certifiably stupid if she thinks he can remain monogamous for the rest of their lives. And don't give me that "people can change" crap. Nobody can change what they inherently are. Check out his personal history on wiki. Listen to his recent Stern interview (March 09). Like I said, any woman bent on marrying this philanderer has to have a few screws loose. I just hope for her sake that she gets herself one hell of an ironclad prenup.


Let's see if they even make it to the Chapel!


When's the divorce?