Katelyn Epperly Shines in Chicago

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Thanks to the futility of the Cubs, Chicago is known as a city of lovable losers.

But Katelyn Epperly may change all that.

The curly-haired 19-year old from Iowa was the top auditioner in the Windy City last night. She told a sad personal story about her father leaving and then wowed American Idol judges with a version of Duffy's “Syrup and Honey."

Randy loved her unique sound, while guest judge Shania Twain told Epperly: “I think you have a voice that could sing a hit song."

What else do we know about Katelyn so far?

  • She fronts a folk-rock band called Katelyn & the Bruises.
  • She cites her musical influeces as Wilco, Good Old War, the Format, Thom Yorke and Fiona Apple, among others.
  • She portrayed Dorothy in a 2004 production of The Wizard of Oz at the Des Moines Playhouse.

Other golden ticket recipients from Chicago included Charity Vance, John Park and Paige Dechausse. But, from this group, only Epperly is rumored to have advanced to the final 24.

Watch her audition below and sound off on her chances to be crowned the next American Idol.


shut the fuck up! if you have nothing good to say why leave a comment at all, for the person whos known her through schooling i highly doubt you were friends so dont be judgmental. clearly you are all jealous


I went to school with this girl from elementary through high school. I've had to deal with her insufferable singing for the same amount of time, and, let me say, there's nothing good about her. She's unremarkable, unintelligent, blasé, and, as I recall, she was a genuinely vicious person. Good thing she got on American Idol, the only show as pathetic as she is.


Oh wow, she looks SO original. /Sarcasm. Even if she gets anywhere, she won't be accepted in real Hollywood (thank God, we don't need another failure pop act who thinks they're unique).

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