Katelyn Epperly Shines in Chicago

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Thanks to the futility of the Cubs, Chicago is known as a city of lovable losers.

But Katelyn Epperly may change all that.

The curly-haired 19-year old from Iowa was the top auditioner in the Windy City last night. She told a sad personal story about her father leaving and then wowed American Idol judges with a version of Duffy's “Syrup and Honey."

Randy loved her unique sound, while guest judge Shania Twain told Epperly: “I think you have a voice that could sing a hit song."

What else do we know about Katelyn so far?

  • She fronts a folk-rock band called Katelyn & the Bruises.
  • She cites her musical influeces as Wilco, Good Old War, the Format, Thom Yorke and Fiona Apple, among others.
  • She portrayed Dorothy in a 2004 production of The Wizard of Oz at the Des Moines Playhouse.

Other golden ticket recipients from Chicago included Charity Vance, John Park and Paige Dechausse. But, from this group, only Epperly is rumored to have advanced to the final 24.

Watch her audition below and sound off on her chances to be crowned the next American Idol.


Well I graduated High School with Katelyn but I never really knew her. I know many people who give negative feedback are just jealous. I know I get excited when anyone from Iowa can show the state proud. She has a great voice and is unique. She seems nice and sweet and anyone who has had a bad experience with her should just get over it... she is human like the rest of us and everyone has bad days. Best of luck to Katelyn, I know I am voting.


From all I see is that Katelyn is talented and is very good. I want her to succeed. She deserves it. Just because some of us who know her and don't know her, shouldn't say all that stupid stuff about her whether it's true or not. This is her moment and I really hope she wins.


I had the pleasure of meeting Katelyn and had a very pleasant experience and a lot of these comments I'm reading about her are absurd and obviously there are a lot of jealous people out there. She is a rockstar already, whether you like it or not. The day I met her, I knew she will climb higher then any of you miserable, jelous unhappy people. She is extrememly talented contrary to any of these comments and has a good heart. Chris Boncza :)


cool trash talk someone actually getting somewhere from our community. thats real classy. im a few years older than her but i went to school with her too, and i remember her being a spunky, nice girl and with a good set of pipes on her to boot. dont be spiteful just because shes got talent and is trying to make something of her self. get over whatever grudge you have against her, and grow the hell up. besides, you were probably that weird kid that smelled like piss so who are you to run your mouth?


Katelyn is one of the sweetest, honest, and most genuine people I've ever encountered. I've been performing with her for years and her audition was not even half of what she's capable of. To those who think she is just like every other pop star, get ready. She isn't. To those who think she's a "vicious bitch," I want to remind you of something Valley High School is guilty of to the max: cliques. Everybody hates everybody not in their clique. To those who think it was wrong that she aired her "dirty laundry" on national television, and who consider it to be rude to her father.... I think it is more rude for her father to up and leave the family. She will go far in this competition. Not because her father left. Not because she's a bitch. But because she is talented and truly unique. God bless her.


I also know Katelyn, but from college. I was in choir with her last year and had voice master class with her last semester. Katelyn is a stunning performer with a sweet personality who is kind and uplifting to others. From what I have seen, she is laid back and genuine. Unfortunately, many high school girls suffer because they are beautiful and talented, and those who feel that they lack those qualities themselves lash out due to jealousy. Even if some of you may have had a negative encounter at some point, I urge you to remember that people grow up. I know Katelyn has, and I hope that you all will too. What's in the past should stay there, and what's in the present should be embraced. I wish her success! She has certainly worked hard for it!


She didn't have to tell her private shit on national air, she has a right, SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO. Dumb idiots, she was only doing it for attention. Cause god forbid she got that extra air time. She could have just said, I'm doing this for my mother. And instead get that interview on TV about her father and mother divorcing. You in fact sticking up for someone who is just an attention whore are an idiot yourself. Cause if she had self will, she would have been smart enough to just say NO.


Wow, I have two young children in the West Des Moines school district. These nasty comments make
me sad that I someday will have to send my children to Valley High School. I didn't realize how vindictive teenage girls can be. I don't know Katelyn or her family, and I am sure her father probably wishes she wouldn't have aired their dirty laundry on national television, but I do wish her well in her quest. Congratulations.


k well you clearly don't know her very well (^ person above) you are honestly bitter and hating on her because of some stupid thing that happened in a high school parking lot...thats really original of you. you have no idea what happened between her parents so maybe you should stop being so insensitive and again its called a television show...maybe you havent heard what they do on those but they fucking edit everyone and everything you dumb bitch. she didnt even want to talk about her parents divorce on the show...who would but they needed a sentimental story...also american idol isnt the best show ever and how do you know that it didnt hurt a little of her pride to go on a show like that. im sure tons of people would rather accomplish something this huge on their own but who fucking cares if she is good and made it on tv. stop being such bitter people and just be happy for once in your lives for somebody else's success.


who are you to say anything about her...especially the person who "knows" her from school. if you actually know this girl you should be rooting for her and be happy she is succeeding in what she is meant to do. she is amazing and such an amazing girl because i know her as well. anyone that talks shit about this girl is sad and obviously has a pointless life to sit on the computer and write shit on blogs about this girl. get a life and feel happy for the people that are living their dreams. also, you all see a different girl than who she actually is because you have to remember american idol is a tv show and they edit the show to make it a million times more appealing to their viewers. so all you haters need to stop judging and get a life.

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