Kate Major: Jon Gosselin is a Loser

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We know this may come as a huge shock to you, but Jon Gosselin is apparently a "huge loser," according to an inside source with knowledge of the subject.

Kate Major, who sort of dated Jon last summer, is now dating Michael Lohan. This speaks volumes about her taste, but still, she says it's a step up from Jon.

Jon the Player

“He seems to go for nice girls from nice families and, in my case, with good careers," said the ex-reporter for Star freaking magazine who quit to date him.

"I would love Jon to get into the boxing ring with [Michael Lohan] so he could get his butt kicked because, let’s face it, we all know he needs the money.”

Kate was referring to Mike's Celebrity Boxing pastime, of course, and also had some words of warning for Jon’s new girlfriend, 25-year-old Morgan Christie.

Kate Major has dated both these guys. Wow, Kate.

“I don’t know if she missed out on the last year, but I’d really like to warn her as well as her family to really look at the type of person that Jon is and look at what he did to his other ex’s,” Kate 2.0 said. “She should be careful and watch out.”

Or ransack his place with a butcher knife, right Hailey Glassman?

Jon and his newest rebound fling met during Thanksgiving while he was skiing in Utah. Morgan Christie reportedly comes from an affluent Connecticut family.

“It seems perfect this is the next beat for Jon. He has no job, no family other than his kids. He needs to take advantage of someone else now. Jon wouldn’t be with this girl unless she could offer him some kind of financial support.”

“All I know about [Morgan Christie] is that she met Jon while he was supposedly visiting his grandmother,” Kate said. “But he was probably just sitting around smoking weed with his buddies, and that’s when he met her.”

Good to know. Thanks Kate!


Kate 2.0 - Get a life. Since when is it OK to bash a person in public just because the relationship didn't progress? Your words are doing nothing but making you and your family look bad.


Are you kidding? Both Kate Major and Micheal Lohan USED Jon when they thought they could benefit finacially from him. When they found out there was no money to be made they turned on him. Yeah Kate, Micheal is a step up, being that he has used his daughter Lindsay every chance he could get. Releasing private conversatations for financial gain, selling your own daughter out no matter how much pain it could cause his already fragile daughter. Yeah Kate upgrade...you two deserve each other!!!


They are all a bunch of losers!


....we all know that jon is a looser...but so is kate major....she started a sexual relationship with jon and she did not even get to know him as a friend...he was still married....Major is no better than jon....they all fall in the samne category.....so yes, jon is low class but whatever major says about jon is applicable to herself.


Why dont you leave Jon alone? To each his own,you should be happy he is moving on? Are you jealous? I always remember my father's advice,never judge a person,unless you are 6 feet under the ground,you don't know what misfortune or luck will happen to a person or to yourself. Those who are putting Jon Gosselin,because he made mistakes,and because of his situation,dont be surprised when,one day,your life maybe worse than Jon. Be careful,life is like a wheel,sometimes you are up there,but,one day you are down. Look around,nobody,knows,who will be alive or dead tomorrow. Nobody holds the future,except God. Think before you speak,or it might bounce back to you. Look at the speck in your own eye before you remove the speck of another person


Kate, just because Jon is happy does not mean you should be bitter and wish him ill. pls cherish the good times and leave the poor guy alone.


This lady is sick. There has to be something wrong with this obsessed freak show. How could any self respected woman go on and on about something that happened last year. Get over it Kate, he used you and dumped you because you were easy! Duh!!! If anyone is the loser, it is Kate Major. Major loser!!!! Go away, you are no celebrity!

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