Kate Gosselin Hair Extensions: Hit or Miss?

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She kicked Jon Gosselin to the curb. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is dead.

Now her trademark reverse mullet has followed her husband and TV show to the scrap heap. Kate Gosselin has debuted her new hair extensions!

In the new issue of People, Kate boasts that she's starting over in her career, her love life and apparently her signature look. Probably a good thing!

She may be so alone now, but she says she's going to make time for romance before long. Her new appearance should help with that, we must say.

"It's good to have hair again," Kate said. "I never thought I'd have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start. Fresh me. Fresh life."

Is it a positive change for the mother of eight? Check out Kate's new hair extensions below, compared to how she used to look, then vote below ...

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  • Grating Kate

Kate Gosselin looks better with ...


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Kate bashing is unbelievable..how can anyone put her down after seeing her having to put up with such a wimp of a husband and father..she had to be strong and push him ahead..he had no balls and couldn't cope with all those children..Kate had to be strong, organized and in control..she couldn't count on her sleaze of a husband..YOU GO GIRL..LIFE IS JUST STARTING FOR YOU!! Jon may your life be just as rotten as you are!!!


I agree she do look less mean and i must say she looks very happy. with 8 kids and a deadbeat husband,she seems to be doing well for herself and a change will do her some good.


She looks younger and I think she looks good.


I think she looks great. Better then she did before i didn't like that short hair of hers. She looks less old and mean. Way to go Kate. Doing Much Better Then Jon... Maybe he could use some hair Extensions or something to cover his bald spot


Usually you cannot tell someone has extensions but hers look so fake. She said she has really thick hair but her extensions look so thin. Either way she is still a shrew


I personally think she should have been off the interwebs for quite a while, but with regards to the question...I think the extentions look horrible. While I think the "mom hair" she was rocking was very cold and blah, there has to be a good middle ground without resorting to Jessica Simpson extentions! Or maybe she should just go away


She looks a lot better I still like her after everything that happened


hmmm...I think she has the Tiger Woods tramp look...she must be getting ready to go after him and wanted to look like his "type" of slut...


i HATE KATE.... a few words for kate..... STOP using those kids to keep you in the magazines it SOOOO DESPERATE!!!! AND ALSO LEAVE JONH ALONE(he's ugly and fat now)


Kate Gosselin is a disease. When is this no-talent, child exploiter going to go away? The new hair is just fake extensions - big woop. Everyone does that. I think the death of Casey Johnson should have made the cover of People - not this Berks County idiot.