Jon Gosselin Wants Hailey Glassman Prosecuted

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It looks like talk of a truce between Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman may have been premature. These two really don't seem like fans of one another.

Despite plans for the warring parties to sit down and settle their differences over Jon's recent apartment trashing, it looks like that's now off the table.

According to Radar Online, Jon changed his mind and wants to prosecute Hailey Glassman for trashing his NYC apartment and destroying his property.

Both sides said last week they were going to meet and try to resolve their differences, but Jon has decided he does not want to let Hailey off the hook.

He says she ransacked his apartment, stole items and left a note speared to his dresser with a butcher knife. Hailey alleges that Jon roughed her up.

New York police are still investigating the situation.

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Peace talks between these warring parties are off for now.

Hailey Glassman's lawyer confirmed the new development in the peace talks failing through: "They never called, so we are moving forward," she said.

Jon's attorney Mark Heller was with investigators this past Friday as they inspected the apartment, which he found ransacked shortly after Christmas.

Reportedly, a Japanese chef's knife speared through a note and stuck into the top of his dresser appears in a photo taken of the New York residence.

In other news, Morgan Christie is apparently dating Jon for reasons unknown. Her relationship with the douchebag may have prompted Hailey's rage.

That's just us speculating, mind you, but he started dating her around when his pad got trashed, and she was supposedly with him when he found it.

Makes you think ...


Jon's MO is to make up lies about his exes - it's been proven over and over what a liar and cheat he is ...........if this new girl's parents have a brain they cut her off financially if she chooses to be with him. He is only after the money since he can no longer make money via tv .......and he sure has not been looking for any other kind of work! Major con artist like his lawyer Heller - now thats a true love match for Jon! They are both losers, scumbags that disregard truth and reality!! I hope the NYPD jails him on the charges Hailey pressed against him before the so called trashing of his apartment, which was not really "his" apartment anyway. He will use anyway he can to stay in the news without going against the rulings made in favour of TLC.


this guy needs to stop worry about his social life and suing people and get a JOB


honestly, anyone would prosecute....what she did is scarey fatal attraction shit...a butcher knife in the heirlooms smashed....a psycho note, left with a signature to intimidate...Jon may be a douchebag, but Hailey is a psycho-douchebag-homewrecker that is used to Mommy & Daddy giving her everythign she demands...this girl needs to learn her lesson..


That guy makes me sick, Sorry Hailey you had to live and learn. You are too young. Forget about that looser!You should have walked the other direction when he first showed up, instead of feeling sorry for him, Perhaps Kate wasn't so bad after all ?Perhaps there was a reason she was the way she was.
I agree with Katiemae, Jon would put his mother in Jail for attention.
Surprise Surprise his new girlfriend comes from money!, Come on girls wake up to this AZZhole.
Warning he seems to go for the younger gals,Really now what does he have to offer you ????Think about it. it can't be his slong !
I wonder what kind of IT tech job will pay his child support ?Not any that I found


Doesn't this guy have eight kids to take care of?


Jon would put his mom in jail if he thought it would get him a minute of attention. This jerk said Hailey washis soulmate & he would love her forever..yeah, just like he loves his kids so much! I hope Hailey puts his azz in a jailcell with Bubba for a few days.

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