John Edwards Made Sex Tape with Rielle Hunter, Wanted "Crazy Slut" to Get an Abortion

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Disgraced politician John Edwards nailed mistress Rielle Hunter in his wife's bed, made a sex tape with her, wanted her to have an abortion and called her a "crazy slut" among other choice terms, a new book by his former aide claims.

At this point, do you doubt any of that?

In The Politician, Andrew Young, who once claimed Edwards' love child was his own to protect his boss, portrays John as more of a disgrace than we thought.

We didn't think much of him, either.

A self-obsessed, all-around creep, the ex-senator stopped at nothing to hide his indiscretions, including urging "crazy slut" Rielle Hunter to abort their child.

Rielle Hunter, Frances Quinn Hunter

Rielle Hunter with John Edwards' daughter, Frances Quinn.

In 2006, Hunter began having sex with the man she called "Love Lips" and became increasingly demanding as she went into hiding to bear Edwards' child.

Young describes Edwards as "barely under control" when Hunter's pregnancy first came to light, with John questioning who could have fathered the baby.

He tried to talk her into abortion, but she wanted the baby, "which she believed to be the reincarnated spirit of a Buddhist monk who would save the world."

You cannot make this $h!t up.

When the National Enquirer first broke the story, Andrew Young writes, Edwards pleaded with him to claim he fathered the child and take off with Hunter.

Hunter initially resisted, but soon signed on to the plan in which she would vanish into a life of luxury (very possibly paid for with John's campaign funds).

Edwards met up with Rielle Hunter and the baby, but still asked Young to swipe a diaper and discussed having a fake DNA test "prove" he wasn't the dad.

By mid-2007, Young clashed with his boss about exiting the bizarre scene, then found a John Edwards sex tape left behind in Hunter's California hideout.

Young popped in the tape and was treated to footage of a pregnant lady believed to be Hunter "right in the middle of a sexual encounter" with Edwards.

Edwards, who initially denied all of this, went into free fall when the Enquirer ran pictures of him visiting Hunter and their child at a Beverly Hills hotel.

A tearful Edwards called his longtime aide, reporting: "They caught me. It's all over." The moron admitted the affair, but denied the love child was his.

He admitted paternity only last week.

Even as he cheated on his wife Elizabeth, Edwards refused to consider a divorce - partly because he still loved his wife, and partly because voters did.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Young says he went along with the paternity scheme out of a cultish loyalty to the candidate - and because he believed Edwards would save his career.

But, in short, he writes, "I was f---ed."


When are you hollywood idiots going to quit whining about whos fu..king who and concentrate on some real issues here in the US.You act like you are all virgins. Look at the television broadcasts everyday, someone is having a affair on almost every show shown on the air.Why dont you lead by example.And by the way quit glorifing your child molester Mike Jackson.


Hunter ugly as steaming shit on the sidwalk. Must have been a mercy fuck gone bad.


The baby is adorable. She does have losers for parents, doesn't she? But look at some of the pix of Rielle Hunter, she looks like a young Camilla Parker-Bowles. Eeeeewwwww!


May plague beset Edwards and his ho for their stealing, lies and ho-ing ways.


This is horrendous. Rielle planned his demise all along to further her own agenda. And see how successful she has been. I feel sorry for her, her karma is due any minute. Asfor John, he needs therapy as of yesterday because who does this for someone who is so ordinary and unscrupulous. He is an educated man and he fell for the oldest game in the book. Poor baby, what a set of parents.


Pox on that crook Edwards and his doper scum laden ho.


"The U.S. with the highest divorce rate of any nations is one of the last places a married man can't buy a little happiness without breaking the law.." What an idiot. He didn't do this because he couldn't get laid. And any other guy can get laid if he wants too. If you're that big a loser that you can't, the hookers won't touch you either.


Edwards is a crook. He should pay back the campaign money he gave to his ho for her phony job. This prick should go to jail. If the common man stole a loaf of bread to feed his starving family he'd be shot. Bastard is a crook and should be put in jail. Edwards = Scumbag


Why are you being so hard on John Edwards? I mean, he had the decency to wait until after Elizabeth's cancer went into remission before he started fucking Rielle. He said so in his interview. So lay off!


John Edwards and Rielle should be sterilized. The world doesn't need them polluting it with their immoral DNA. I am a cancer survivor and yes I hope Edwards gets prostate cancer and I hope Rielle's uterus rots out. Scum like them will never understand the pain they've caused Elizabeth till they are suffering the effects of chemo coursing through their veins. Men who cheat are excriment and the whores they cheat with are no better.

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