John Edwards Admits Fathering Rielle Hunter Love Child; No One Surprised

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John Edwards has finally admitted what we have suspected for years - that he is indeed the father of a two-year-old daughter with his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

The former U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate said today in a statement that he’s taking responsibility for the child, Frances Quinn Hunter:

“I am Quinn’s father. I will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves. I have been able to spend time with her and trust that future efforts to show her the love and affection she deserves can be done privately."

"It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. [I've] been providing financial support for Quinn and have reached an agreement with her mother to continue providing support."

"I understand that to all those I have disappointed and hurt, these words will never be enough, but I am truly sorry.”

Smilin' John

Edwards is not speaking publicly on the subject, in part because of an ongoing federal investigation into whether campaign money was used to try to cover up the affair.

He has denied wrongdoing, but then again, he also denied the affair with Rielle Hunter, and fathering the child with Rielle Hunter, so who knows with this guy!

Edwards' attorneys say he's been seeing Quinn and providing financial support for about a year, and just signed a new child support agreement with Rielle.

A spokesperson for John's cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth Edwards, says she learned last year that Quinn is John's child. Yet this is the first formal admission.

John Edwards’ personal and political troubles began after the National Enquirer began reporting in late 2007 about his affair with Hunter, which he denied.

In 2008, after his failed presidential bid, Edwards was caught visiting Hunter in a hotel and eventually confirmed to ABC News that he had an affair with her.

Still, he vehemently denied on the air that he was the father of her child. Dude lies a lot and will only come clean when his hand has been forced, basically.

Today's admission comes on the heels of the political expose Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, which sent shock waves around D.C.

A portion of the book about the 2008 election, which ran in New York Magazine, dealt with details of Edwards’ affair and his relationship with Elizabeth.

The admission also comes in advance of a tell-all book by Andrew Young, a former Edwards aide who originally claimed to be the father of Hunter’s child.

Basically, he would have kept on denying it if he had any choice, and had no interest in actually coming clean for morality's sake. Pretty typical, John.


Why are yall all mad cause john edwards got a little tail


What a shame ,this had to play out this way. and you know this woman(riell) knew what she was doing.this was her plan all a long. and her sister has the nerve to stand by her, well you know how they were brought up. to go with a married man and then get yourself knox up . tell's you alot about her,and her what a of wast women. your sister get knox up by a married man and you are ok with that destroing another woman life. you both have the nasty women of the year award.if you are going to sleep witha married man at least protect youself.did you think of mre. edwards or her kid's or did you just say oh they will get over it.sham on you God bless the children of Mrs.Edwards they must be going thought hell


Seriously, Rielle, you're a ho.


You suck Rielle


Yes, he's a cheater and a pathetic human being. But the fact that he knocked up this woman while running for president of the united states and possibly (he denies it but what does that count for) using campaign funds to shut her up is the amazing part. What would he have done if he had actually won the Dem. primary? How could he live with himself as a leader of our country?


He's sorry and I have clear title to the Brooklyn Bridge. Wanna buy it for $50?


I agree. Naturally he looks like an even bigger jerk because now he's a liar too. What a wimpy excuse for a man. First no morals, second no guts to admit to what he did. Wow.


What is wrong with John Edwards? How low and small of him to move his mistress and child in the neighborhood of his home with his cancer stricken wife. John can you turn the knife a little deeper.
Even though you made a mistake and had an affair. Remember the wife always comes first and her needs. You should have discussed this with her and both should have come to this agreement.
I vote you the biggest LOSER OF 2008-2010!


what a lying scumbag. he would have kept on lying too, just like he first did. what a disappointment and waste of space

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