Joe Jonas Confirms: The Brothers Will Be Back!

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Nick Jonas has started a new band.

Kevin Jonas has begun writing his own music.

Rumors of a Jonas Brothers break-up are circulating, but Joe Jonas has a message for fans: Chill.

The singer appeared this morning to appear on The Ryan Seacrest Show and addressed this troubling talk:

“We’ve wanted to take some time off for a while now. We’ve been touring hardcore for two and a half, three years, so it’s nice to have a little break where we all can take a break and do some different things.”

What side projects does Joe have lined up?

“I want to so some acting - find the right movie and all. I’ve also been in the studio writing a lot with my friends. Not sure where that’s going to lead, whether it’s another JB album or a side deal.

"I definitely think we [Jonas Brothers] will come back for another album because we love what we do and we love being in a band together.”

That sound you hear is a collective sigh of relief from teenage girls around the globe. Below, you can listen to Joe's interview.


you know what ?? i'm latina ok ??and we know better whether a person knows better how to act or sing... CRISTAL CLEAR ?? AND GUESS WHAT?
WHEN I STABLISHED THAT THAT'S A BIG DREAM OF MINE IS A METAPHOR do you get that ?? DUUH !! i BET that the other girls who have commented on that quote... understood that it is a metaphor it's SOO NOOT my fault that you do not get that..... i already know that girls have the power but can't i just say a phrase that I love whithout someone, (LEXIE), RUINS IT BY SAYING IT'S NOT A GOOD ONE ?? UUGH..


Pasoal and pamela-doo, how in the WORLD can you say that? JONAS is a TON better than most of that crap on TV. By the way, did you see Camp Rock? If you did, you would KNOW that Joe Jonas is an amazing actor. Onto the next subject. That phrase created by joefan1. Not good. Must we really touch upon such a delicate subject? I don't believe bringing up that "27-second" phone call yet again would make Joe happy. And whatever happened to girl power? Reach for the stars! That's how you become one! Please stay positive, go for your dreams. Saying you won't realize your dreams is terrible! Yuck. ~Lexie


ooooo come on girl! youre soo soo ridiculous! hes cute:) but that phrasee wass.....ABSURD!..lovejoejonas! jobros show..kinda sucks but as a band they are awsome=)


oo i forgot !! i also loooovee nick...... i love joe, but he does not know how to act AT ALL....!! the tv show JONAS sucks ! but the 3 jobros rock !!...


jajaja yeeey i think that he has an enormouse heart too....!! jajaja y lovee him


yeah i agree completely with your comment joefan1 ! haha LOL ! I AM SOO INTO YOUR PHRASE ''WANT TO MARRY HIM SOMEDAY AND I WON'T REALIZE ANY BIGGER DREAMS OF MINE.''....haven't you everthought of becoming an expert writer ..?? because i absolutely loved your phrase ...actually i've already put it on my facebook status...thx for the quote...xo


OMG! :) he is so freeking cute.... he has a gigaaaantic heart because he does not want to hirt anybody in this marvelous world....what do you think joe fans ??....isn't he soo amazing !!

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