Jimmy Kimmel Repeatedly Slams Jay Leno... on The Jay Leno Show!

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NBC continues to dig its own hole.

As if the sheer mess executives have made for themselves in late-night programming isn't ridiculous enough, someone at the network had the brilliant idea last night to invite a rival, funnier talk show host from a different network on to The Jay Leno Show.

The result was uproarious for viewers, and should be an utter embarrassment for Leno.

A day after impersonating Jay on his program, Jimmy Kimmel appeared via satellite for Leno's interview segment "10 at 10." He proceeded to lay into NBC and his competitor, proving that he's much wittier than Jay and taking every shot imaginable at the comedian.

What the heck was NBC thinking with this segment?!? Watch in hilarious disbelief below:

There is one silver lining in this debacle:

The person that has kept Heroes on the air is no longer the dumbest person at NBC!


Classic! Great article... way to keep it real, Kimmel!
Leno announced his retirement in 2004, said he was leaving when his contract was up in 2009 and he was passing the torch to Conan. Then Leno went back on his word when his contract was up, he changed his mind about retiring, he gave the show to Conan but then almost immediately takes it away when his 10pm slot tanks.
Bottomline, Leno had the Tonight Show for 17 years, he needs to honor his word and move on. He doesnt need to retire, but he needs to leave the talk show circuit.
What I want to know is what does Leno have on NBC execs to make them jump thru hoops for him??? He is talented, but not that talented!


Jimmy kinda came across as an ass here. Maybe that's how he is on his show (never watched it). But he certainly doesn't help Conan's cause. If anything it confirms the view that Conan (and his friends) are jerks.


Guess who's interviewing to replace that schlub Conan?
What better place to float the idea?

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