Jersey Shore's J-WOWW to Pose For Playboy?

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We've already seen Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley 97 percent nude, given the "clothing" she wears to clubs on a nightly basis. J-WOWW? More like J-Eh.

Playboy's apparently interested in that other three percent, however.

"I got a really good offer from Playboy," J-WOWW told Us Weekly before the show's finale and reunion last week. "But I'm going to hold off and see."

Here's J-WOWW in all her glory. Would you ... you know?

JWOWW Picture

Would you want to see Jenni Farley, a.k.a. J-WOWW, in Playboy? She looks kinda rough, and what haven't we seen on Jersey Shore thus far? Just asking.

A JWOWW nude shoot may seem silly, but at least there's a rationale behind it. She's trashy, and likes getting naked anyway. Her fashion line, though? Baffling.

She's not the only member of the Jersey Shore cast considering an offer to bare all, either. DJ Pauly D may go all Levi Johnston on us and get naked for Playgirl.

"I'm just trying to get my head straight right now!" he said, but after co-star Snooki said she’d want to see that, he added, "If she buys it, I'm gonna do it!"

One Jersey Shore star has prior experience in the field: The Situation (a.k.a. Mike Sorrentino) is a former stripper. Would he consider a return to that profession?

Not likely, but either way, "We're taking over the reality world. We're reality kings right here!" he says. Sadly, given the show's ratings, he's technically correct.

As for J-WOWW, tell us: Would you hit it?


Shs smoken I like A WOMEN WITH A LITTLE MEAT ON THEM SHES hot and beautiful


Shs smoken I like A WOMEN WITH A LITTLE MEAT ON THE SHE hot Beautiful


Butt ugly. Beady little eyes, big nose and ugly mouth, not to mention fake breasts and she just looks like a guy. Not very feminine.


that's got to be the ugliest boob job since Tori Spelling. Playboy's standards have fallen lower than I ever expected possible. There are plenty of beautiful women left on Earth. Why do they insist on showcasing the most average-looking Franken-whores?


I would rather see a pregnant Octomom in Playboy.


Jersey Shore is over, but the mammaries live on.

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