Jersey Shore Ratings Keep on Climbing

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Don't get us wrong. We find Jersey Shore quotes hysterical as the next site, and can't tear ourselves away from MTV's newest, trashiest, guiltiest pleasure.

But we're a little surprised its ratings keep rising.

Sammi and Ron

In news that is sure to have guidos everywhere fist-pumping with delight (even more than house music), the show bested everything on cable last week.

Yup, the show was #1 Thursday against cable programming. That's not including the major networks - or NBC, for that matter - but it's still impressive.

In this week's sign of the apocalypse, more than 3.5 million Americans watched as The Situation got his freak on with some trash bag in the hot tub on Jersey Shore.

MTV's menagerie of meatheads averaged 3.6 million viewers during last Thursday's back-to-back episodes, and gained a 3.5 share with viewers 12-34, up 9 percent.

The bad news? This week is the season finale. No more Boardwalk rumbles or shots of Snooki dancing with no underwear for at least another couple of months.

It's pretty devastating.


Dis is a great frickin show. Now with as much cursing as Hells Kitchen and the same amount of whore-bags as The Bachelor.


Keep them out of my town. If there is a second season, I hope it is far far far away.


i love jersey shore for the 2nd season they should have the same cast over and over agian
i love vinny !!!!!!!!!!


i hope they take this show of the air. its a waste of time and takes up the airwaves