Jersey Shore Ratings Keep on Climbing

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Don't get us wrong. We find Jersey Shore quotes hysterical as the next site, and can't tear ourselves away from MTV's newest, trashiest, guiltiest pleasure.


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    Let's just hope that America keeps dumbing itself down... That makes it easier for the smart ones (like us) to prepare for the economic collapse coming (as well as peak-oil & hyperinflation).

    Most of these viewers will hopefully be too dumb to VOTE in Nov. 2010 and Republicans will get rid of socialism/ignorance AGAIN. Thanks Jersey Shore for distracting the dummies so they don't affect the vote by voting for commies (democrat).

    So much stuff going on in the world today (more than in the last 20 years) & people are all zonked on reality ho t.v. Sleep... Sleep... We won't have to outrun the bear, just the slowest hiker!


    Stormbringer, Good ratings does not mean that there is a damn thing beneficial about watching this show, unless you are proud that you are at home sitting on your arse watching someone else having what you consider fun, I'd say you and many others are in fact wasting your time, try getting a life, and try watching or doing anything that requires an ounce of thought..


    I hate to break this to Al, because he is right, I mean so what , the ratings only indicate that Americans are without a doubt becoming more stupid all the time, but that's no big secret ..But Al, you had a little more than a couple of posts with only a few sentences and your grammar is far from perfect either; i.e., learn when to use to or too properly and pluralize what your supposed to, you cannot be taken seriously when your own grammar needs some help.. America, quit dumbing yourself down , and for God's sake, it's summer, don't sit around watching these idiots, go out and have fun, make your own life interesting instead of watching someone else's life, Take my word for it, a few of these cast members are heading straight for rehab eventually, your heros and heroines are raging alcoholics who might also require lifetime supplies of antibiotics and penacilin at the rate they are going..


    I have to agree they are not the smartest cast, but they are entertaining as f&ck...So entertaining that I am having a Mardis Gras @ Jersey Shore party......


    Al or what ever your name is u a hater and u a b***h


    dumb ass losers....Cast and the people who watch it....


    the people who like the show are dumb as rock too... just look up at the comments and read.... great english folks..... WHAT A JOKE... stupid is a stupid does.....


    THIS SHOW SUCKS... what a joke... MTV has sunk to new lows....all the cast members are dumb as rocks... you couldn't pay me to watch another episode. The cast is just to dumb I can't comprehend any of them....THE SHOW SUCKS...IT'S A BIG JOKE... NJ should sue MTV for defamation of caricature....


    How are you fools sayin its a waste of time..yet 3.6 million viewers would glady disagree


    dis show is the bizzzz

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