Jersey Shore Cast Wants Fat Raise From MTV

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The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore would love to run it back for Season Two ... if the price is right, which it's currently not. The gang rejected MTV's offer to return.

Sources close to the negotiations say MTV offered then each a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode. The guidos and guidettes were not interested.

Looks like we've got a Situation on our hands!

The cast has made it clear that they are negotiating Friends style. In other words, everyone wants the same amount and wants a lot more than MTV's offer.

In response, the network doubled its bonus offer and is willing to cough up $10,000 an episode. Snooki and Co. have not responded to the counteroffer.

Jersey Shore Cast Pic

As much as they act like trashy morons, the gang wasn't born yesterday. The season finale drew 4.8 million viewers, making $10K/episode a relative steal.

For reference, some members of The Hills cast are raking in $50,000-100,000 an episode, and that was pulling in half as many viewers last season at best.

The cast is on contractual hold with the network for another year and technically has no right to renegotiate, but this sort of thing is still done all the time.

MTV technically has not made a decision on whether there will be another season, or whether it will feature the current lineup or new guidos and guidettes.

But come on. You know they're gonna bring back the all-star roster. It's just a matter of finding a mutually acceptable price for those Jersey Shore quotes.


A little Hateraide is needed in this situation


How could anybody named JWOWW be lame? Honestly bro! Honestly!


a raise!! for what.. your show sucks. You are all dumb, lame @$$ people...what a joke.. You don't represent New Jersey.. losers big losers......


I always find it really audacious when people on reality TV don't think they are making enough money. Exactly WHAT do they do to "earn" the outrageous sums they're already making? They're not displaying any talent of any kind but are just being paid to act like assholes (opps! I mean "themselves") on camera. They should be grateful, especially in this economy, that people like themselves aren't working some minimum-wage job with no health benefits just like pretty much everyone else. The only check they need now is a fucking reality check!


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