Jennifer Lopez New Year's Eve Outfit: Sexy or Sucky?

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There was a time when Jennifer Lopez was an A-list star that sat atop the music and beauty charts.

Her style was second to none, highlighted by her iconic dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

But those days are long gone, as evidenced by J. Lo's performance in New York City last night. The singer tried to go all sexy with a skintight, bejeweled bodysuit during her rendition of "Louboutins."

Did she succeed or did she fail? Yout tell us...

New Year's Outfit
J. Lo from the Back

J. Lo's New Year's Eve outfit is...

Meanwhile, Lopez also thrust some dude's face into her crotch. Will this act result in an Adam Lambert-like controversy? We somehow doubt it.

Watch the performance below.

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Nothing to be outraged about (no hypocrite here: I wasn't outraged by any of the AMA displays either). I don't find the look particularly good though; not that flattering, more trashy than sexy; and I don't care enough to make a fuss. The song sucks however; enough with it!


Yeah it seems to me it doesn't matter what a woman does (its just a dance) nobody is upset, but let a gay guy do something (fully clothed) and Oh my god the world is offended. B freakin S!!! I saw Wonder Woman called the sexiest sci-fi woman ever today because she carried her own bondage equipment with her. Women you are letting men define what is sexy and acceptable!! Wake up!!


Robyn, you're a moron. First of all, vaginas are INTERNAL. Can't see it without a speculum, you dumb@ss. You also can't see any "camel toe" because it's not there. Duh. It looked like Jennifer had a bodysuit of some kind underneath the leotard --- nothing to see here folks, move along! Just a body-hugging outfit. Jennifer also was not simulating sex with one of her dancers the way Adam-Look-at-Me did. She was just lifted up onto the shoulders of a dancer and turned, then put down. Not much different than a ballet or any other kind of dance move. Grow up people.


I m far away to trash J Lo,I like her a lot!
But banning the Lambert from NYE and then reemplace him with this sexy,almost naked woman who does the same (not that I would care) on an ABC-performance??
That just makes me laugh!!Its ridiculous!
ABC sucks!!!


You people are crazy. She looked amazing. So what she's in her 40's? She still looks fantastic. Cougar material now.


OK...where's the outrage folks?????? Only 3 comments" WHERE'S the OUTRAGE!?!?!?! Oh, that's right...she's a straight female.


I don't know, to me there comes a time in your life when you aren't 25 anymore. Not that you have to crawl under a rock and die after that but she's got a child now, she's getting older and she's not that great of an entertainer. I say give it up. I you can't make it on your voice alone, and have to resort to this, your times up.


She looked the same what difference does it make don't like what she's wearing change the channel


That outfit is reeeaaally sucky!



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