Jennifer Aniston's Revenge: Five Years Later

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Earlier today, a pair of celebrity gossip tabloids ran "news" stories about Brangelina on the verge of splitting, with Angelina gearing up for life without Brad.

Jennifer Aniston knows all about that. She's endured it for the past five years. Now fun, flirty and 40, she's happier and hotter than ever! Suck it, Brad!

At least that's the implication (overt or otherwise) of this week's People. Life & Style also features Jennifer on its cover, showing off her "revenge body."

We have no idea what that means.

Five years ago, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced. She is still gorgeous. This story pretty much carries celebrity magazines on slow news weeks even now!

Revenge or not, Jen's body is looking awfully good these days - despite accusations from some that she's put on weight - and she seems fairly happy as well.

Sexy flirting with Gerard Butler likely has something to do with that. We think they make a great couple and we wish everyone involved nothing but the best.

Still, the implication that Jen is somehow plotting against a tired, bony Jolie? Wow, guys. Even if her Golden Globes dress was kind of similar to Angelina's ...

Whose side are you on?


to the last person calling Angelina Jolie a looser.Fuck off.


Jenifer Anison has absolutley no talent.Her only claim to fame is Brad Pitt. Her marriage to him was a publicity stunt to boost her career and it was good for his too. Their agents got them together for this reason. I knew he would leave this plain jane as soon as he found someone he really loved.


God bless Brad Pitt and angelina Jolie.They are wonderful humanitarians. Together they are a great team. We need more people like them. If Brad Pitt had stayed with Jenifer Aniston he would never had progressed to the man he is today. Jenifer Aniston is worried about Jenifer Aniston. All that surgery didn't do much for her looks. She should have contributed the money to help the poor people in the world. At least that would have made an improvement. She is still very plain looking.


Don't believe what you read in the gossip magazines.Brad and Angie are still together. What a beautiful and wonderful couple they make.Brad's true potential came out when he hooked up with a
ngelina. I hope they last forever,I pray they do.The world needs people like them.What does Jenifer Aniston do? Not very much.She is only interested in Jenifer Aniston.


You say that Jenifer Aniston got the best of Brad Pitt?The best of him came forward when he hooked up with Angelina.He too has become a wonderful humanitarian just like Angie. I don't even think they ever think of Jenifer Aniston. They are too busy with their lives and children.If he wanted to be with plain jane Aniston that is where he would be,but he doesn't.


Angelina is a better actress than Jenifer Aniston,and she is much more beautiful than that plain jane Jenifer Aniston.Angelina is a doll,what a humanitarian.She is truly interested in the suffering in this world and tries to help.Jenifer Aniston is just interested in herself.By the way it doesn't help all those expensive treatments she gets. Jenifer Aniston still looks like crap.


Angelina Jolie is fifty times better looking than Jenifer Aniston. Angelina Jolie has a models' looks,while Jenifer aniston has plain jane looks.Angelina is a better person too. She gives her all to the poor.She works tiredlessly for the poor.Angelina gives millions of dollars for the poor.Jenifer Aniston gives as littel as she can so she doesn't look completely cheap,but she is. There is no comparison in these two women.Angelina is beautiful,and she is a humanitarian.Jenifer is not.


Jolie got plastic surgery done. wtf are you talking about? and angelina went into iraq with the UN and military security up her wazoo. she went in there WHEN SHE WAS PREGNANT!!! NOT a good move; she could've waited after the baby was born but didn't. she was just being selfish...trying to get an adrenaline rush and indulging her moral vanity while putting her unborn baby in harm's way.


team jolie!she is wonderful person,who done a lot of humantarian work,has been on the most dangerous war striken zone ,riskig her life to help people,from afganistan distributing food among refugees,to iraq to help orphans to cango to africa,she is been everywhere to help people in need.Jolie is doing this for yers,even when was pregnant.
while JEN is SELFISH mean person who has been on her comfert zone all her,tanning herself,bleching her hair,getting nose jobs and collegen on her unvisible lips.
Jen made moore money than jolie,but she donated a penny untill recently gave 500k ti haiti just 500k while jolie donated millions and millions in her life.


jen is uglies person on hollywood no wonder all those guys who dated Jen like brad,vence,john mayer,bradly cooper,butler etc ended up dumping her.was that angie's fault as well?she must be real pathatic person to be with.

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