Jennifer Aniston Gets Flirty with Gerard Butler!

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Sporting a gown that showed a lot of leg, Jennifer Aniston cozied up to fellow presenter Gerard Butler at last night's Golden Globe Awards, leaving fans wondering.

Aniston also seemed a little bit loopy during her onstage presentation. Was it butterflies? The alcohol they actually serve there? Or is she just smitten with Butler?

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Jen spent much of the evening chatting with Gerard, her co-star in The Bounty Hunter, due out in March. But he wasn't the only fella who caught our girl's eye.

The actress kicked off Friday night at a pre-Golden Globes party at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica, where she ran into another rumored flame, Bradley Cooper.

Are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler more than friends?

"Jen looked amazing in a short, black dress," says an observer last night. "She was also in a great mood, a social butterfly and mingled for almost three hours."

"Jen kept giggling like she always does with Gerard."

Aniston – all smiles and as bubbly as ever – spent quality time with Butler on Sunday night, too, as they attended the Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton.

Could she be trying to make Angelina Jolie jealous? Or is she legitimately falling for Gerard? Or neither of the two? As always, it's anybody's guess with her.




btw...i dislike alot of people too but i would never wish for anything like that to happen to someone, or even for thousands of people that i dont even know. think before you speak.


wow peggy...really? i cant believe how rude some people are now and days. how are they trash...and by the big one do you mean the earth quake they say "we are ging to have soon" and do you mean drop off cali? cuz i live here and so do alot of great people. your a rude mean person. your wishful thinking sounds like trash. you cant judge everyone in one place because you dont like a few people out here. get a grip.


Ben, I'm not hating. I'm just stating the facts. It's a logical explanation, is it not?


Who really cares. They are all pure trash & hopefully the big one will come along and drop that part of the world into the ocean!! The world would be so much better off. Course, this is only wishful thinking!!!!


chris, Don't hate.


Why would Jennifer be interested in making Jolie jealous, she has by far the best body. Jen has great arms, abs and beautiful legs. Jolie has shapeless, skinny old lady legs and arms. Abs? who knows except for brad and all her lovers.


shes an admitted pothead. maybe that was it?

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