Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have more in common than Angelina Jolie flying into a jealous rage at them - they're both among stars donating major bucks to Haiti.

The actress has given $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and AmeriCares for their recovery efforts in the disaster-stricken Caribbean nation.

Yes, They'll Reunite!

Aniston also participated in Friday's star-studded Hope for Haiti Now telethon, which as of today has raised a mammoth $58 million. Well done, Jen and everyone!

Jennifer Aniston mans the phones for a good cause.

Jen gets a bad rap for being pathetic and lonely, and for possibly meddling in the love life of Brangelina, but this leaves no doubt what a terrific person she is.

You can follow these links to check out our photo gallery from the Hope From Haiti Now event, as well as some of the evening's memorable music performances.


i agree with you anna, but in my opinion, it's better to donate money some time after a disaster, 'cause then you can clearly see where you money goes( not in Aniston's case, cause she's rich and doesn't know anyway)I mean, now you can donate money to build new houses and stuff and you can be shure that it will be spent on it.
And KDL is totally right,Hollywood's pure hypocresy...


I enjoy her movies but let's not put yet another overly RICH celebrity on a pedestal for donating to Haiti..they don't know what to do with their money so now we all know when they donate their name has to come out with it to. I'm over it..maybe they should all finance the futures of all the orphans they are bringing to the US. Where's Madonna opening up her mansion? All of these celebrities have to adopt a child from another country...where are they now.


just because she gave money does not change my outlook on her, she is pathetic, and if brad had wanted jennifer he would never had divoiced her in the first place, jenn got what she wanted out of that relationship and that was stardom to do big movies where she is over paid. i don't dislike jenn i just think she likes playing the victim and having people feel sorry for her, but it was more wrong with her relationship with brad then angelina because if you have a good solid marriage then no one can come between it, I really believe that she had gotten what she wanted, and if no angelina I believe that they would have divoiced.


As this is nice of ANYONE to do, why 3 weeks later? I find it strategic timing. Only after the telethon (with Brad attending)and with all the Brangelina splitting up rumors swirling. Coincidence, i think not. Funny that its their chariy she donated to. This woman is manipuluating the press to her advantage. Its always about her and what she can get out of it, (good press, Brads attention) otherwise she would have done this along time ago! For all the haters that dogged on the Jolie-Pitts for "announcing" their donation publicly (who cares), same applies here to Ms. Anistons "perfectly timed" donation. Also, all you Jenhens who are all thinking Jens over Brad, i have some swamp land to sell ya....


I wanna say thank for Jennifer about haiti and I love her


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