Jay Leno to MC White House Correspondents Dinner

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If the U.S. Senate race victory by Scott Brown earlier this week weren't enough of a signal that people are upset with the White House, wait until they hear this.

None other than Jay Leno will be hosting the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner. Talk about losing touch with the American people, Barack!

Granted, the organization made the decision to hire the comic weeks before Tonight Show drama erupted, and Leno is (well, was) not all that controversial.

Still, the Obama administration might want to swap him for Conan!

Barack Obama on Jay Leno's Tonight Show earlier this year.

Jay also had the advantage of already having hosted this particular event three times before, in 1987, 2000 and 2004, under administrations for both political parties.

The Obama administration doesn't need any more bad press these days, but it's not a bad hire for everyone. If there's anyone that can see the bright side here, it's:

  1. Writers for The Late Show With David Letterman. Two words: Field. Day.
  2. The Salahis. Even White House party crashers are more welcome than Jay!

I'm a card carrying member of ...


Jay leno is one of the kind, no body can replace him


Are you kidding, Conan would be totally out of the water as an MC for the dinner. If he isn't making a face or throwing a pie, he isn't funny (if that's your humor).


Jay's show is, on average, better than Letterman's. It was always better than Conan's. Unfortunately Conan is his own worst enemy and refuses to acknowledge it.


Jay Leno is so much more funny than Conan. I loved the old lineup and was shocked when they moved Jay the first time.


I don't hate Jay for moving back. My problem is with Jimmy Fallon. Nobody watches his poor excuse for a show so why didn't NBC just get rid of him? Let's be honest, Conan is very likable but his show at 11:30 was terrible.

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