Jay Leno Addresses Late-Night Controversy

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As Conan O'Brien supporters gathered for rallies in New York and Los Angeles yesterday, Jay Leno took to the air to finally tell his side of the late-night controversy at NBC.

Based on everything Leno said, two things are clear:

  1. Everyone that runs the network should be fired immediately.
  2. Leno isn't remotely funny or creative.

In the clip below, he simply lays out everything that's happened over the last few years between he and O'Brien. It's simple, it's professional (he refers to Conan as a "gentlemen" and "good guy") and it's nowhere near as witty as the statement released by Conan last week.

Leno also claims the situation might be resolved today. We'll keep readers apprised if it is.

** UPDATE: Source confirm that O'Brien is to officially lose The Tonight Show. In exchange, he'll receive $32.5 million from NBC, and his staff will also receive severance.

In exchange for this deal, Conan may not host another show until September.


Anyone know what Leno's ratings were his first 7 months versus Carson's ratings were his last year???


"The Hollywood Gossip." Ha? Gossip, right, not taking sides or anything...right? GEEZ! The lack of professionalism and reporters dignity totally is to step all over, or the professionalism is to be put on a mouse trap and be stolen by RATS. One sided opinions. Where is the "Gossip"?...Leno did his comments almost professionally, not stooping-ly and childish like Conan, whom you quote as "witty." There is a difference: Conan, Letterman, Kimmel have been immature, spiteful, vengeful. Leno: [at this time of insults by those mentioned] has been almost a total gentlemen, professional...LENO IS THE REAL DEAL STAND UP COMEDIAN, which is the real reason many of you hate him(or it)..."Everyone should be fired"? It just goes to show the hate and hateful mentality of those who claim to be...professional.


Jay had five years to get ready for his retirement...he knew he was going and she should have gone. He's not funny and he hasn't been for many years. I'm a coco fan, but I also loved SNL when Coco was a writer. SNL has also gone down hill since coco left the show and I predict the same for the Tonight Show now that Coco's left the building.


Wow! NBC starts something and Jay gets the blame, typical of how networks treat their own employees. Did a good job of turning two people against each others, I wonder who is the next victim. I think NBC should have left the schedule the way it was in the first place. Oh well, the network didn't have high ratings to begin with so they had to do something to stir up some kind of controversy. Shame on NBC, they ought to do away with ALL the latenight shows and make it fair to everyone, Jay shouldn't even go back to the network, look how NBC is treating him too. Things like this shouln't be happening.


NBC peacock is definately molting and has two black eyes. Need new blood at NBC and I'm not talking about Conan and Leno. Liked Conan better. Didn't give him much of a chance and Leno had a bad time slot.
Time to roast the bird.


I really don't care for either of the two guys. Late night is not as good as when The Tonight Show was hosted by Johnny Carson. Jay Leno sucks and Conan is not funny. They both made their money but in my opinion Conan came out on top; ratings was low but he made $32 million anyway. Both Jay and Coco are not good comediens; NBC invest your money in some of the new young talented people. That way you can have a top rated show longer.


Maybe they both failed because there are too many people on air at the same time doing the same thing. We need original programming for a change.


jay leno is a hack anyway. his stuff isnt funny and it never has been. i dont watch much late night shows but if i do i watch conan. take the money and run. long live coco.


Humor is a matter of taste. Perhaps Jay doesn't connect well with Hilton Hater, But his Tonight Show numbers beat hell outta Letterman's numbers and Conan's in the same time slot so there you have it. Opinions are like rear ends, everyone has got one. But the numbers matter and those sweet things still belong to Jay big time. Just a lil reality check in a world fulla bull. :)&-=


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