Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney to Wed in Bachelor Special This March

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Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney, one of the most controversial (and successful) couples in the history of The Bachelor, are getting married in just over a month.

ABC will be televising it in a two-hour special.

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The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding, will air Monday, March 8. We're fairly sure that's one week after the current season finale, which would make sense.

The big wedding special for Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney will also show the bride's dress fitting, planning for the day, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.

Past participants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will be on hand, which probably goes with the territory when Mike Fleiss gets to plan your nuptials.

The Bachelor's 0-13 marriage steak is about to come to an end! Well, technically not, as Molly Malaney didn't receive Jason Mesnick's final rose ... but close enough!

The Bachelor wedding is only the second such event in the franchise's 19 seasons. The Bachelorette star Trista Rehn married Ryan Sutter on TV in 2003.

Jason proposed to Molly Malaney in New Zealand, the site of the infamous March 2009 season finale where he initially chose Melissa Rycroft instead of her.

He soon broke up with Melissa and asked Molly for another chance on the After the Final Rose special. She said yes, and they got engaged in October.

Mesnick first became a franchise fixture as runner-up on DeAnna Pappas' edition of The Bachelorette. He then became The Bachelor's first single dad.


Its all about the wedding and not about the marriage. I am sure that little Ty will be going on the honeymoon with them and take up most of his dad's time Good luck to Molly and be the stepmother. Sometimes marriage is hard enough without a demanding little fellow also in the picture. Jason seems rather self absorbed and high maintenance. You wonder if ABC was not giving them this huge wedding if they would marry. So many things of real value going on in the world and their wedding is not one of them


Hell yeah I'll watch. Jason and Molly deserve to be happy - just because they didn't conform to what the viewers wanted doesn't make them bad people. I, for one, am pleased to see them find their happiness. Melissa has moved on - why can't you? Bachelor FTW


I will watch. Best Wishes Janson and Mol.


Jason and Molly treated Melissa terribly. I will not watch this show nor do I care to see any more publicity about it.


I will not watch this performance. Jason doesn't have any brains and Molly thinks she's some gift. She needs to go to the ortodontist and get that bottom jaw pushed back where it belongs.


Anytime you put yourself out in public on a REALITY show, you take the risk of getting embarassed. I guess you naysayers have never been hurt in a relationship. I can't believe you guys are still bitter. Melissa has moved on and is happy. I am very happy for Jason and Molly. I wish you both all the happiness.


Congratulations! I don't think that breaking up with Melissa on National TV was just Jason's decision. I am pretty sure that Melissa was in on it because she sure has had many benefits from it. She couldn't have been that upset since she got engaged and married quite quickly. The best to both couples - they deserve to be happy.


The reason Molly could forgive Jason is that the whole show is not real and Melissa was in on it too. For ratings they created drama. Jason always wanted Molly and Molly and Melissa knew it and played along. They all get paid and will do anything for attention. Melissa had a boy friend in the wings and promises of other shows to be on. The thing that is amazing that no one talks about is that this couple has to be strong, not just because of the publicity and backlash they encountered, but the fact that Molly is from a rich, country club, WASP family and Jason is Jewish. Molly's family must be having a difficult time and perhaps Jason's. How will the in-laws relate to each other. Did Molly ever move to Seattle, or is there relationship still long distance? Easy to be in love when you do not live together.


I only have (1) word for this....P A T H E T I C !!!!!!!!!!!!


No, I will not watch Jason & Molly’s wedding. I wish them well but it’s sad that their special day has to be associated with The Bachelor, a show that is now tainted, admittedly bogus, and has proved itself to repeatedly abuse women for the sake of ratings. Chris Harrison lies continuously in defense of the show even after he has been proven wrong. Jason and Molly have endured a lot and one can only hope that has made them stronger. To Jason and Molly congratulations and best of luck. To ABC, please do us all a favor and cancel the bogus, abusive Bachelor.

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