Jake Pavelka Speaks on Rozlyn Papa Scandal

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Earlier this week, an inside source dropped some Bachelor bombshells.

In addition to naming the alleged winner this season on the reality show, The Bachelor spoilers we came across revealed the details behind the season's big scandal.

Rumors suggested that model Rozlyn Papa had an inappropriate relationship with a producer on the program and will be sacked on Monday's episode as a result.

Yesterday, Rozlyn confirmed as much - that she was kicked off, at least.

She denied an affair took place, and bashed the show's manipulative ways. According to our source, the scandal was manufactured as a means of booting Roz.

Today, The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka addressed the issue.

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"I didn't believe it at first," Jake confessed to ET. "I've never been cheated on. I thought it was something that was being produced and thrown at me."

"As it was unraveling, I realized it was serious. Everything that's going to air Monday is exactly the way it happened. No embellishing or holding back."

Whatever you say, Jake Pavelka.

Rozlyn Papa adamantly denies the fling, saying "I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show" and did absolutely nothing wrong.

She had a relationship with "someone on the show" but insisted they are not and were never a couple. The real reason she got kicked off? Her son.

For whatever reason, she could not keep in contact with him as she had been promised, and had a meltdown, at which point ABC wanted her gone.

Earlier this week in a radio interview, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison called the incident "incredibly unfortunate ... horrible decisions were made."

Yeah ... by the producers. Rozlyn Papa is cute!


I thought the host of bachelor Chris Harrison treated Rozlyn disrespectfully when she was on the hotseat. If indeed the affair did happen it takes two to tango. Why did Chris Harrison blame the Rozlyn by stating that the Producer lost his job. He lost his job because he violated something in his contract. I felt that he was attacking and really insulting and had no evidence other than three stories from girls who just rattled off their versions of what they saw. Just no proof at all, and very bad treatment of for Rozln. I was happy she contained herself, it must have been very hard for her. Shame on you Chris Harrison for being so very onesided and blaming the female.


Hello Everyone, This was all done for ratings. IT has happened before with there show. Remember the guy that proposed to the one lady lady, then turned her down for the runner-up lady. The show was all behine it all. They don't take about anybody but the show's rating. That does not look good for the individual.


I watched the episode and it was obvious that Ms. Papa had an inappropriate relationship. At one point she even said that she a right to a private life and thought what had happened was no one's business. in addition to being devious, she's apparently clueless in thinking that signing up for a reality show gives you a right to privacy during filming. And now that she's caught, she's just whining -typical of someone who never wants to accept responsibility.


If she had an affair with someone, that is her problem. He is messing around with 25, after 14 women, how anyone can ask her to be loyal? Loyal to who? It's clear that she and the staff guy are not together... in fact this bachelor is the funniest, women showed up with rings, that just left other relationships... people with lots of possibilities to find love out... making all drama possible... it is absolutely ugly to mess with people's lives and expose their lives like that! She is not a hooker because she had a friendship with another person which who she supposed not to hook with? that's ridiculous, I think they just want audience for their show, that is cute, but this kind of disrespect with women is discusting... criminal record? BS! Investigfate the lives of all this people in tv, anyone is perfect, I don't think we should crucify her, even if she had had sex with the whole staff! TV is that! Look those famous people, they sleep with 10 different women everyday!


Roz is my little cousin - trust me, nothing happened. We all must remember this is a TV show!


ABC is lying sexist. I love there show byt am unsure if I will continue to watch. Seems the story line is very familiar.
Remeber Jen & Andrew Firestone? They have onely 1 couple that have actually married.
Did they even consider Rozlyn's son. I have read every articel today that I could fine.
Seems that they all have 1 common fact! The producers broke there word about letting this mother speak with her son.
If all that happened is a producer let this young woman use his personal cell phone to speak with her son.
I say more power to him and that he should be applauded by all.
I am a mother and a grand mother. To not have contact with my children...at such young and tender age.
ABC you let your morals get swept under the rug and let a mother be used has an excape goat shame on you !


My goodness stop saying she is sooooo beautiful? Have you looked at some of the women on television H.Berry just to name one. Rozlyn nasty ass is not that pretty with that big fake chest. I look better then her on a bad day. I'm sure you look like shit or are very average but trust me she is know 10. Damm and she's nasty.


Jake's a phony. He's probably a jerk & that's why he hasn't found a serious girlfriend. He has deep laugh lines from that phony smile!


Jake confessed to ET. "I've never been cheated on." This is coming from a guy dating 15 women at one time. He's complaining about being "cheated on" when he's dating 15 different women??? ROFL - Another thing - I'm so sick of hearing Jake say stuff like "Woe is me, I'm too perfect, how come everyone thinks I'm too perfect?" It's just a way for someone full of themselves to brag about themselves without trying to look like they're bragging. BARF. I've been a fan for several years and this season sucks. Everything is so way over the top now (i.e. cue of song 'Wings of Love') augh...come on! I feel had.


Rozlyn is HOT. So far i am sure that the whole story is made up and leans more toward drama and boosting the ratings. Most other girls look hot only when Rozlyn is not around. Michelle is crazy like crazy. Rozlyn for sure had the hugest chance Jake. May be they'll work something out later. LOL.

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