Jake Pavelka: "Devastated" By Latest Bachelor Twist

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The drama on The Bachelor so far this season was nothing, Jake Pavelka says.

According to an interview he did with Entertainment Tonight, the lowest point on the hit ABC series hasn't happened yet, and when it does, look out!

"That is yet to come and it won't be any secret," the 31-year-old commercial pilot says. "It's horrible. Awful. On a scale of one to 10, it nears a 10."

Jake says that he was "so devastated" by the events that he had to turn himself off a little bit. "It is juicy now, but it is going to get a lot juicier."

Will You Accept This Rose?

Despite everything that has happened on The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka says none of the women ever got on his nerves and there was no point at which he wanted to bolt.

In fact, he hopes that Rozlyn Papa, who was accused of an "inappropriate relationship" with producer Ryan Callahan, which she denies, finds love.

As for crazy Michelle, who came off as bat$hit insane, he says, "Great girl. Maybe a little over emotional, but she was there for me, not anybody else."

And then there is the lovely Vienna Girardi, who has proven to be a huge hit with Jake so far, but not exactly with the other girls in the mansion.

"There is a level of honesty that comes from her that is turning the girls off," he says. "It is like on our bungee jumping date, it went really well."

"She goes back and starts talking about it, saying, 'You really get to see who Jake is,' but the other girls don't want to hear that. She is naturally trying to talk about something wonderful in her life. Bless her heart, it gets her in trouble."

Bless her heart indeed, my man.


Early favorites Tenley Molzahn, left, and Vienna Girardi.

As the pretenders are culled from the field of contenders each week, the show is getting closer to overnight, fantasy suite dates. Jake's take on that?

"I have nothing to apologize for," he says. "The greatest thing about the fantasy suites is you don't have to go in there and make babies. It is a great opportunity to go in there and spend more time with a girl you are falling in love with."

So we're guessing Jake doesn't get Tenley pregnant in the fantasy suite. Too bad, that would make for a great subplot after he chooses Vienna.


Drama is here for sure. I really hope, like the last comment about the calendar, that Jake can sense that Vienna is only looking for the Prize, as she said. If I read Jake's reaction for that comment he is raising a red flag. The one thing that bothers me about Jake is the bond he has been proclaiming about the bungie jump. He apprears to be basing everything on a life moment. I understand that it meant alot to his soul, but Tenley or Ali are so far ahead by just being a woman that are real and worthy to be a life partner. I can only hope that I'm right. If Jake does choose Vienna, then for sure this will be my last season.


Good guys finish last. Well he sent home the most sincere nice girl, Corrie! So I guess good girls finish last also. Where are his brains. So disappointed where this show is going, don't even want to watch next season. He should get Corrie back, even Kathryn was nice for him and in the airline business! He should let his Mom pick for him, she'd do a better job!


I love the show, but this season has put things in a different prespective and I am very disappointed. I so wanted Jake to find a wife but he seems to be choosing with his eyes and not his heart. I would hope he would choose Ali because she seems so sincere and loving but it's his choice and I hope it's not Vienna. I have been married to a wonderful guy for many years and survived it and this mix is not a good fit. Pray for Jake and let God send him a wonderful wife. Not Vienna.


Vienna needs to go away and ABC should to be ashamed for putting such a trashy girl on the show. All time low for reality TV when they put Vienna on The Bachelor! It's obvious from her nude calendar that she is a media whore just looking for a break in show business!!!!!!!!!! NOT WIFE OR EVEN GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL!!!!




Well this just continues to make the show so formatted...of course he picks Vienna because that is the last person most people would want him to pick...how comes its such a joke...I've read that at the end he picks Vienna (who posed naked for a calender a few years ago) I'm not taking anymore time watching this type of show...


It's when Ali voluntarily leaves because Vienna is still there.


Well, tonight went as the gossip or rumors said it would. Heaven for bid if Jake really chooses Viennna !!! She is a nasty, back stabber.....and acts "so innocent" when she is with Jake. But is such a B-- when she is with the other girls. None of them like her...duh....She is a phoney.....But it is a tv show and is already over (as in pre taped). If he chooses V it will be over with them in no time. He does deserve a good woman...but it sure isn't Vienna (as in sausage !!!)


Well, wasn't exactly voting for Vienna however, I would say she is the best of the two...Tenly reminds me of my sister in law and that is not at all a good memory. Safe with Vienna, lessor of two poor choices. Hope they live happily ever after in reality land .... NOT!


Umm these bird faces look exactly the same.

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