Is Danielle Deleasa Pregnant?

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Kevin Jonas was a virgin on his wedding night.

According to sketchy reports, he enjoyed his first time in bed with Danielle Deleasa so much that he may end his singing career as a result. We're not kidding.

Now, according to even sketchier reports, there could be another consequence to the singer's newfound appreciation for sex: his wife may be with child.

Sources tell The National Enquirer that Kevin and Danielle can't wait to start a family. They'd allegedly love to have a baby in 2010.

"Danielle is one of  three siblings, and Kevin comes from a big family, too, with three younger brothers," an insider said. "Kevin is inspired by his mom and dad - who married young and had kids early on."

Might Deleasa already be knocked up?

That rumor is circulating because Kevin is on record with the name and gender of his desired first kid: "I want to have a daughter named Madison Grace," he said.

Hey, if she'd look half as cute as her father and uncles, we say: bring on the baby-making, Kev and Danielle! Then, have Madison call us in 30 years.

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WTF if he wants kids let em have em he got married so he could just***k Danielle whenever he wants


why do people have to so shocked that Kevin wants a family and who care what he and danelle did on their wedding night, that's their business, no one elses!!


THATS NOT TRUE! He said if he had a daughter he would name her madison grace


You are crazy beautiful. Kevin is a great guy for your marriage. I love your pics of the wedding.


you should name the baby if its a girl gabby or gabrielee


omg!! that well be awesome!! if they have a baby it well be a cute baby!!


OMG!! He was a virgin???? That means that the other ones are too.... Let me take a crack at 'em.... hey boys contact me through


i am sooooo totally for him..... OMG... The jonas brothers inspired me to get myself a purity ring too and stay pure til marriage... It's not that hard.... Ne1 can do it...


I am really sad that the Jonas Brothers might be breaking up they are my favorite band in the whole wide world . I will miss them deeply being a band just like n sync they had to break up !!!! all well life is like that i still like them and their musaic Danillle Dellea is really pretty .


awwww i hope that everything goes well im really happy 4 the two couple
keep on rockin

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