Howard Stern Livid at Artie Lange Suicide Report

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Artie Lange, Howard Stern's radio sidekick, landed in the hospital last weekend. News of his suicide attempt landed in New York Post’s Page Six a few days later.

It was the Post report that divulged how Artie stabbed himself nine times in attempted suicide. Surgeons were able to save Lange's life after he got to the hospital.

The stand-up comedian's family had been asking for privacy following reports that Lange was hospitalized, and Stern is pissed that the suicide report was leaked.

Stern personally had respected Artie's wishes to keep the reason for his hospital trip private, but spoke out Thursday regarding Artie’s exposed personal problems:

"I would love to know who the scumbag is who releases that to the press. This is a private matter," Stern said, lambasting whoever leaked the suicide details.

Details of Artie Lange's suicide attempt deeply upset Howard Stern.

"I don't know what to say. I work with Artie Lange, I love Artie. Everyone has their demons, including myself, but he's wrestling with some serious stuff here."

"When I heard the news it was too much to bear."

"I'm pissed off the story got out there, pissed off at the $h!thead who got paid 10 bucks to talk to Page Six. This is a family matter. I don't know what to say."

The New York Post posted an article today from an October interview with Artie Lange, in which he talks about his life and myriad struggles with addiction. 

We wish him the best as he tries to overcome obvious pain and struggles he's endured lately, both physically and emotionally. Hopefully he'll get well soon.


omg artie! glad ur ok! everyone knows you that is the highest honor in the world, that everyone knows you. Your doing fine just keep it up and do what makes you happy. Remember, sometimes people change jobs around your time, or move, or just re-evaluate everything and you will find the awnser- your smart.


I would never excuse anyone for leaking a story like this and I wouldn't defend whoever printed it. Just stating a fact that, imo, Howard has never seemed to worry about anyones life or their families when he makes fun of peoples troubles. He doesn't even know if the stuff he spouts is true or not and doesn't care as lomg as he makes his millions. All i was saying is that now he is more concerned with someone leaking a story since it is about a friend. It feels different to him now, I guess. Since I no longer listen to Howard, I don't know Artie but I hope he gets help and gets better.


Howard Stern haters are just so sad. Everyone who is calling Howard a Hypocrite think about this...Howard is not pissed at the Post for reporting the story. He is pissed at the Douchebag who leaked it. I have listened to Howard for many years, and I have NEVER know him to leak a story...Just reports on it. Then his crew does the same thing the rest of us do. Discuss it, have an opinion, and gets paid tries to make millions laugh about it. So people stop the hate and pray for Artie.


I can't beleive Howard is saying this! What an amazing hypocrite! He just read Tiger's txt messages and now he's the arbiter of what is private. What a schmuck and typical celebrity.


A hypocrite or not, he is a paid professional who has a responsibility to his public to "gossip". He is on a paid service which his fans subscribe to. Some douchebag lucky enough to have been privvy to the Artie information sold it for a bullsh*t amount of money for what? Perhaps a tank of gas? Excellent. Someone should curbcheck that person. YOU, Jen, are a hypocrite. You criticize Howard for doing something while applauding some anonymous source for the very same thing. Pick a side.


How could you hurt your mom and sister this way?
If you had died, their pain would have been unbelievable.


Howard Stern is a hypocrite.


Yeah, Howard, its terrible it got out but you never cared if it was about other people. you have loved to gossip and spread stuff and never seemed concerned that it was about someones life. Why should it be different just because you care about someone? You have never worried that you might ruin lives, have you?

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