Howard Stern Livid at Artie Lange Suicide Report

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Artie Lange, Howard Stern's radio sidekick, landed in the hospital last weekend. News of his suicide attempt landed in New York Post’s Page Six a few days later.

It was the Post report that divulged how Artie stabbed himself nine times in attempted suicide. Surgeons were able to save Lange's life after he got to the hospital.

The stand-up comedian's family had been asking for privacy following reports that Lange was hospitalized, and Stern is pissed that the suicide report was leaked.

Stern personally had respected Artie's wishes to keep the reason for his hospital trip private, but spoke out Thursday regarding Artie’s exposed personal problems:

"I would love to know who the scumbag is who releases that to the press. This is a private matter," Stern said, lambasting whoever leaked the suicide details.

Details of Artie Lange's suicide attempt deeply upset Howard Stern.

"I don't know what to say. I work with Artie Lange, I love Artie. Everyone has their demons, including myself, but he's wrestling with some serious stuff here."

"When I heard the news it was too much to bear."

"I'm pissed off the story got out there, pissed off at the $h!thead who got paid 10 bucks to talk to Page Six. This is a family matter. I don't know what to say."

The New York Post posted an article today from an October interview with Artie Lange, in which he talks about his life and myriad struggles with addiction. 

We wish him the best as he tries to overcome obvious pain and struggles he's endured lately, both physically and emotionally. Hopefully he'll get well soon.


Stern one ugly mofo. Looks like cockroach shit, only ugler.


The Fly has got it all wrong. He's the one that fucled up Artie!


The cockroach’s demon is RAID.


Artie kick Stern in the balls a few dozen times. It will make you feel gooooooooood.


The cockroach is scurrying across the shit bowl now. Too bad.


Howard and his staff are scumbags. They can dish it out all day long, but suddenly it's wrong when it's one of their own. No wonder his ratings are in the tank


Addiction and substance abuse kills both the rich and poor, I hope Artie will stop fighting and get into a program for addiction, basically that or die at this point. If you call TMZ to report a suicide attempt, your pretty much a failure.


If only you people were smart enough to understand what Howard is angry about. He is not angry with TMZ or the Post, if he was, then he would be a hypocrite. He is angry with a paid employee leaking his information. Howard's show reports "news" just like TMZ and Page 6, but Howard does not divulge private information this damaging about co-workers. There is a big difference.


Howards not a hypocrite, He only gossips about stuff thats already been in the news. Tigers events were in the news days before Howard talked about it. Ive been listening for 15 years, Hes never talked about stuff in peoples lives that hasnt been brought up before.


"A Family Matter!?!?!" Listen I have 4 sirius subcriptions and have been a Stern fan for over 20 years...I love Howard, Artie and Even Benjy.....but this is insane to me. These celebutard want their cake and eat it too. Yeah its sad that Artie is a mentally ill F*Ckup....but private business this is not! When you sell yourself as a product to your fans you give up your privacy...thats the point. These fatcat celebreties spend years promoting themsleves and getting their name out there only to make millions....and then when somehting like this happens...they want their privacy again!! You have a responsiblity to your fans, who pay your salary to divuldge any informtation they see fit to want to know...ITs that simple. If you want to keep things private....retire. Otherwise suck it up. Such is life. As Artie would say "Wahhhhh my father died 20 years ago and i cant live my own life to this day"

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