How Kim Kardashian Lost 15 Pounds

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Within a week of 2010, Kim Kardashian has already made more news than she did in all of 2009. Well, almost.

The socialite has posed for a new ad campaign, appeared on The Jay Leno Show and seems intent on taking back the Publicity Whore crown from her sisters.

Kim Kardashian for Haiti

What better way to do that than to drop 15 pounds via an unhealthy weight loss supplement and then to pose on the cover of any magazine that pays you to brag about this unnatural change to your body?

Enter the latest issue of OK! Weekly. It promises to reveal the "exclusive on how Kim shed the pounds and went from a 124 pounds to 109 and from a size 6 to a size 2!"

Of course, we all know the answer: she and Khloe sold their souls to QuickTrim. This cover shot must make all those hours of sitting on the toilet totally worth it...

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ithink Kim did a great job in taking care of herself i think she looks good and im happy she did it the healthy way! most celeberties go get lipo or other things like that but Kim put the best example for teenagers now in days so start hitting the gym people


People wearing a size six dont weigh 120 pounds. i am 111 pounds and i wear a two. i have no tits and a decient butt.


kim kardashian does not weigh 109 pounds. she is very sexy and has a beautiful body, but she has breasts and a butt, if she weighed 109 pounds, she wouldn't be as curvy as she is and have the curves we all know and love.


But believe me the abs are just contoured with airbrush...anyone else think so?


I too used to fricking love kims curvy body! I dont think she should be so obsessed with losing weight! I mean...look at her shes perfect.


Her face looks like a science experiment...she looks like a botoxed out 40 something...silver spoon bratt with no depth.


I weigh 115 and im 14. I feel fat now because she weighs less then me... I think im gonna try dieting more and ill pick up this magazine!


I dont care how she lost her weight she is stunning. She can loose how ever she wants to it does nothing to do with who she is or what she is. She is 'n true women in every sence of the word, and so is her sisters. Give her a life and let her live it.


i honestly think you look good, but you used to always make me think you werent like those girls who want to be all supper skinny. btw u said you loved curves but know you look to skinny!!!!
but you still look gr8 but just try not to loose to much then you'll just look ugly!


I think she look good both ways. She is a great person inside and out and she is doin good 4 so ur oppion is just makin her stronger and the name callin sound like ur a hater.Keep ur head up Kim and stay sweet and rember u still look good tell the fam i say hi!!!!